Friday, 11 February 2011

Crisis of Confidence

I thought today would see me knuckle down and get back into a groove but once again, I started the day poorly. I backed Errani from the off, thinking her price was too good to miss. She promptly collapsed and was 5-2 down in the second. By that time I'd already redded out and of course, what should happen? She won 5 games on the spin, took the set and then won the match! I felt like vomiting. Not so much at the result, these things happen in WTA quite regularly, but more at my own lack of discipline. First trade of the day and what do I do? I place a straight bet! That is not my strategy at all and never has been. Maybe it's something about me and early mornings, I don't know. I was still under the covers when I placed this bet, so maybe I need to make sure I'm fully awake before trading from now on. That sounds so unprofessional it's untrue!

My biggest problem today was a crisis of confidence in my strategies. I spent most of the day wondering if I was doing the right things and considering new ways of trading. This affected me badly, as I didn't do things as decisively as I would do normally. I just couldn't really get any momentum going. When you trade well, you get into 'the zone', where everything seems so smooth and easy, you have complete confidence in your strategy and don't let setbacks affect you. Today was the opposite. With the Petkovic v Kucova loss, I actually let what a commentator said affect my trade - how fecking daft is that?! God damn Eurosport! And the Ljubicic v Paire match was another trade that had nothing to do with my usual strategy. I would actually have profited from Petkodance and had a 'no bet' on Ljuby with usual my strategies. Annoying.

It was also just one of those days where opportunities were thin on the ground and when they appeared, I didn't quite get the rub of the green. But at least I closed the trade and accepted the losses early. These days happen, you have to stay patient as you grind you teeth with frustration. These are the sort of days you just try to get out of with little or no loss and I would've done too, if it weren't for that pesky Errani.

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