Monday, 21 February 2011

The End is Nigh

So much for year zero. It's been a frustrating day of mistakes, missed opportunities and sheer bad luck. In order to highlight this, I'll go through each game one by one, with details of what happened and SHOULD have happened if I'd followed my strategy properly.

Almagro v Chela

No problems here, did everything right and profited.

Raonic v Roddick

Dreadful mistake. Was too impatient as I was over-confident. I didn't expect what happened and was taken by surprise - always be prepared for the trade to go wrong. Was lucky to get out with just a £70 loss. If I'd followed my strategy properly, I would still have lost but less than half that amount.

Gulbis v Berrer

Did everything correctly but luck didn't quite go my way when I needed it. Happy with what I did, just no reward. Cheers Gulbis.

Dimitrov v Gasquet

Perfect trading.

Groth v Bacsinszky

Entered a low liquidity market. Trade was fine but realised I should not have gotten involved. If it had gone wrong, I would've been in a lot of trouble. Greened early and left alone.

Kleybanova v Bartoli

A complete balls up. Did not stick to my strategy, too impatient again and got in too early. If I had followed my strategy, this was a win and would've been a very good green.

Safarova v Radwanska

Couldn't get matched in time or would have been out early with profit. Then waited for ages but got impatient and placed an idiotic bet. I came out for a small red which turned into a large one with an even more stupid bet right at the death. If I'd used my strategy correctly, this was an all green book.

Petrova v Vinci

Did trade this one correctly but the numbskull that is Petrova could not make the easy shots that would've given me profit. Very frustrating but could not be angry with myself as I followed my strategy well.

Mello v Schuettler

Another perfect trade but ruined by going back in and looking for more profit. I was seething aftterwards. I really needed a win, just any sort of profit, to get me in the right frame of mind but I threw it away.

Blake v Becker

Horrible game where everything I did went wrong. Followed strategy properly at first but as things went against me, I felt the anger starting to bubble until I reached boiling point in the final set and lost my head. I went in LARGE on Blake but quickly reversed when I realised the potential down-side. I came out unscathed but the frustrations of the whole day almost did for me.

What it all boils down to is another poor day that yet again, should have been profitable. Much punching of walls ensued today. Don't worry, I had boxing gloves on! Positives? Plenty. I just need to stick to my strategy. But I don't. Having such a horror start with the Memphis final didn't help and I think has played on my mind. But at least I got out of all my mistakes before they turned really nasty. Unfortunately though, the negative looming large is that my funds are drying up. If I don't stop those mistakes NOW then the end is nigh.......

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