Saturday, 5 February 2011

First Service

I begin this blog with an unexpected midnight treat from the red-dirt of South America, which I stumbled upon whilst readying myself for logging off following a hard slog of a day's trading. With hindsight, I wish I'd just gone to bed! I ended up with a small red following Tommy Robredo's defeat of Maximo Gonzalez.

It was one of those frustrating matches where I ended up with a loss despite things going exactly as I thought they would. Just 3 months ago, I would have taken profit from this game. Doesn't sound like progress but actually, I can take some positives from this. If there is such a thing as a good red (and I believe there is), then this game was it. In the past, I would've become pissed off at not getting my immediate green when Robredo failed to convert a break point and instead of playing it safe with a trader's mindset and getting out, I would've let this one run, as a gambler would, potentially putting my entire stake at risk.

That said, I still had an opportunity to take a small green just before the missed break and didn't snatch it up. But at least this time, I accepted the loss of a green position and didn't let it affect my decisions afterwards. Accepting the loss of a green position has proved to be THE hardest mental situation that I've struggled with in my short career as a trader and so I'm pleased with the way I handled it today. I realise now that consistency is more important than the win and just because you've got the green, it doesn't mean you've done the right thing.

This week has been a particularly tough one for me as my beloved WTA has been out of action. I make most of my money from the women's tour and to be frank, I much prefer to watch the leggy-lovelies bouncing around the court than two sweaty dirt-ballers powering through seemingly endless rallies, as with tonight. Though the first clay tournament of the year did give me a welcome respite from watching Jonny Von De Mentional (insert choice of identikit 6 foot 5 inch South African here) slamming down a 21st ace of the match inbetween sloppy forehands into the net. Thank the lord for today's Federation Cup matches!

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