Friday, 11 February 2011

If Egypt can do it.........

I genuinely woke up this morning and felt different. I felt that yesterday things had started to turn but without the results. My first two trades were text-book and my confidence was returning. I placed a third trade on the Errani v Ivanovic game and was preparing to trade out when BANG - Betfair went down. Excuse my language but I need to vent; those fucking bastards at Bet-unfair screwed me over AGAIN!!!

Anyone with any hint of regard for their customer base would have pulled out all the stops to make sure that everyone was given the best possible information of any planned down time and with at least a few hours notice. Anyone with a modicum of sense would simply email every customer well beforehand, make the whole of the front page of the site dedicated to a huge message about it and also would place a note on every potentially affected market. But not at Bet-unfair. Those greedy c*nts don't give a fuck as long as we keep betting because they know we don't have an alternative. There was certainly no message on the home page when I looked in the morning and one only appeared later during the actual outage. A tiny square in the corner, barely noticeable, did remain afterwards but most people would probably bypass that. How I wish we would all do an Egypt and sow the seeds of revolution. We should all leave on mass and go to Betdaq, away from this dictatorship, where we won't get taxed for doing well and probably where we will be treated as though they actually care about us. Anyone fancy starting a revolution?

Anyway, during the few minutes of down-time, my trade turned into a massive red and I was completely gubbed. I could have come out for a smaller red but by then I was too pissed off and just let it ride. I lost the lot. I have never been so angry in my entire life. If I knew my neighbours were out, I would have screamed the walls down with pure animal rage. I completely flipped out, though in a macabre, silent way. I emptied myself of all the boiling frustration of the past few days until I was just a limp husk of a man. My energy and soul were drained of all emotion and I just sat in my swivel chair staring into the grey sky. At that point, I wanted to give up. You are probably thinking that maybe I should. But when I think of all the hard graft I've put in over the past year and all the analysis and research which shows that I'm just one last piece of the puzzle away from success, how can I? I have the strategy, the knowledge, the intuition, the experience, the passion for the game and I know what is needed for the correct mindset and I've done everything I can to improve it - but I don't have it yet. So near, yet oh so far.

I was so tired that I didn't even care what happened next. I noticed Petra Kvitova was a set down to Yaninna Wickmayer and casually tossed in a lay at low odds of the Belgian. She's known for throwing away leads and ice-cold Kvit is just the sort of player to demolish any inkling of a fragile mind. So it wasn't a completely senseless bet. But I would never normally just ignore the match and let it ride. So you can imagine my delight when up popped £250 into my account an hour or so later - fist pumps all-round! Kvitova won it in a final set tie-break to give me my largest ever tennis win! The relief must have been palpable. I felt as though I'd been given a reprieve. My mind was suddenly back in focus and my energy recouped.

I completed the rest of the day and was pretty normal service resumed. I still made some small mistakes but redded up early on the Cilic match instead of letting it run and the Dolgopolov loss I promise will be last time I stray from my normal tactics. I feel confident again now and just hope this cycle of the gamblers mindset is now broken. I started this blog chiefly to record weeks like this so I can remind myself of what I did wrong more easily. I never expected things to be quite this eventful! But if it was going to happen it was best it happened in week 1.

This past week, my first ever week of blogging, has undoubtedly been the most dramatic, topsy-turvy and unbelievable week of trading I have ever experienced. I have had one of my best ever days of trading, placed one of my most risky and stupid bets ever, been completely in the zone and then totally lost all discipline in a shocking collapse. I've also placed a bet on the wrong market without realising and been caught 4 times by the Betfair outage, 3 of them costing me money. Today, it reached an almighty climax of bad luck followed immediately by good. What will happen next? Tune in tomorrow for more excitement on Centre Court Trading!!!

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