Thursday, 10 February 2011


I woke up with the completely wrong attitude again today. I took a hefty red on the Kirilenko game, as she capitulated against Voskoboeva. Of course, my bet was totally against my strategy and this continued into the Cornet game where I just decided to back Cornet from the off - a tactic I never do anymore. She played one of the worst sets I've seen and to lose it to Arvidsson (the poor man's Wozniacki) made it even worse. It was the best I've seen the Swede play but still, she is average at best and the form Cornet was in, I cannot believe how bad she was. Nonetheless, I let my opinion cloud my judgement. I mentioned previously about how the blog may have had some effect on my trading and that perhaps happened here. I named Cornet as my 'Woman to Watch' and thought I'd prove it by just straight betting on her and recouping my Kiri loss at the same time. Never again.

To be honest, even some of the greens I had today were fortunate. I was worried about how my p&l was going to look on the blog and I'd started using different tactics and leaving bets to ride for longer. I need to get back to the basics and grind out those small greens, build up slowly using my proper strategy. Whenever I use my strategy properly, it always produces consistent results. So why can't I stick to it? It all boils down to one thing - patience. It requires a lot of this quality for my trading to work and I just don't have it. I can do it for a few days, weeks even, but then something daft will happen (such as lack of professionalism, experimenting, loss of concentration) and that will result in a big loss often followed by chasing and then a total loss of discipline.

I get to a point where I lose patience or focus because I desperately want to get things moving and try to force a win or go for bigger greens instead of being happy with small, consistent profit. I start to think 'I'll get in earlier here, it's only one or two points early, it won't matter just this once' and of course, it proves fatal. Or I'll have decent green but decide to let it run a few points longer 'just this once'. Then it goes wrong and I find it harder to accept the loss because it was an error and so leave the trade to run longer, hoping it will turn back in my favour. I'm fine when I actually follow my strategy to the letter, I can accept the reds no problem. It's only when I try to force it and lose that I get pissed off and my head goes.

But it can be worked on - I'm better now than I was, believe it or not! I think the key for me now is maybe to just accept that I am going to have the odd lapse and take it on the chin. So when I make a mistake, I should just rectify it immediately, take a smaller red and move on. Until I get to the stage where I'm able to focus 100% almost every day, I am just going to have to live with the odd mistake rather than get frustrated by it.

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  1. re: Cornet vs Arvidsson. You should inspect their respective records on indoor hardcourts. I know this sounds like aftertiming but not meant as such.


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