Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thanks a lot Betfair

What a day for my first ever on the blog! I doubt I'll have a more eventful day of trading for the rest of the year! It is of course, mostly down to the fact that Betfair was down intermittently all day - again. Following a recent upgrade, matches have been unavailable to access, suspended temporarily, unsuspended again - a total balls up. The fair thing to do would be to simply void all bets on markets affected by the down-time. After all, it is we the loyal Betfair traders, who are most affected and by something which we have no control over. It was Betfair's cock-up, yet the punter who suffers. Fortunately, I was not badly affected by the shenanigans.

I began with a nice win on the Fed Cup match between Bethanie Mattek-Socks and Yanina Wickmayer. The site went down just as I was about to green up with the Belgian 5-1 up. I was livid at the time, as Betdaq did not have the game in-play so I could trade out. Fortunately, Wickmayer was a break up in set 2 when Betfair returned and I gained a larger profit as a result. But had Mattek-Socks gone ahead, I would have been fuming.

Then came Sharapova putting in a truly abject display against Virginie Razzano, not for the first time this year. Her serving sunk to new lows but rather stupidly, I expected her general play and return games to make up fo this, as per usual - they didn't. The Moscow crowd was stunned into silence - as was I, when Betfair collapsed again, leaving me fully exposed and with no way out. Rather than risk an impending massive red, I hedged out using an online bookie, the first time I've ever had to do this. Just goes to show you how you always need to be prepared for the worst.

The final game of the day saw clay court slugger Robredo and the infuriating Fabio Fognini play out the semi in Santiago. I layed Robredo, thinking he was far too low and I was proved correct as Fognini battled back from way behind with some sublime tennis to take the first set. But you know with him, it's not likely to last. His attitude stinks at times and his play does too - I get the feeling he really isn't that bothered about winning matches, he just enjoys the lifestyle. Anyway, he duly capitulated in the next two sets and of course, what should happen in the midst of this? Down goes Bet-unfair. I closed my position on Bet365 for a small loss, deciding the risk of waiting around just wasn't worth it.

So, my first ever P&L screenshot looks a tad strange! It appears that I am possibly the world's worst trader but the two large reds were both off-set by greens at the bookies - though I did end up with a loss in both cases. That said, I am satisfied with the day overall. In fact, it was one of my best ever days on the ATP and I now feel more comfortable trading the men than I have at any point previous. I just hope that tomorrow, everything is back to normal - I can't take much more of the stress I've experienced today!

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