Monday, 14 February 2011

Time Out 2

This time, I mean it! I've had an atrocious day. Just when I thought things were on the mend, disaster struck - 2 horrific trades which have made today my worst of the year. I've decided not to post up the p&l today as it hurts too much right now and will be taking a proper break for a while. I've realised that I'm spending too much time on this blog and it has affected my trading. I'm not saying it is to blame for my results entirely but it hasn't helped my discipline in the way I hoped it would.

I have a massive problem with patience and discipline and writing on here as well as reading other blogs and becoming distracted by what others are doing, has affected this. I need to be more professional and spend more time getting my trading spot on before I start up a blog. Once I'm more stable and consistent and can trust myself not to make silly mistakes, I will be back. Although I feel like giving up today, I know that before this blog started, I was going in the right direction, so I need to stop and get back to the basics, without any distractions. Thanks for reading, happy trading!

The Sultan

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