Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Turning Tide?

I clearly have an issue first thing in the morning! I've messed up on several of my first trades of the day this week and realise it's a pattern that goes back a long way. I think I am just so eager to start well but also so impatient, that I jump in too soon. It happened today during the Vinci v Errani tie. What a match it was! Two of my fave players to watch, sparring it out in Pattaya - these Italians really know how to play stylish, all-court tennis. Some of the slices and volleys and lobs and net-play were just sublime - some of the men could do with learning from these girls!

Unfortunately, my trading was not such a spectacle and I found myself with a nasty red from not taking my time and waiting for a 'gut-feeling' moment. I started to get angry but this time, I nipped it in the bud, kept a lid on and took the red. I stayed calm enough to work it down with some nimble sniping and settled for just a small loss. I have to admit, it is these kind of trades that are the most satisfying. All my other trades were green today but it was this one that I gained most pleasure from. I really had to work at it and stay calm and focused for a long period - good signs.

So has the tide turned? Well undoubtedly, I'm now sticking to my strategy much better. Today was almost faultless and my confidence is back to 100%. The challenge now becomes to remain grounded, neutral and fully-focused. None of the greens were massive but they were consistent and that should be all that matters. As I've said before, I can easily double my stakes, so as long as I stay steady the profit will potentially be very generous. Tomorrow, I will be setting out a new set of ground rules which I hope will enable me to keep that perfect trader's mindset and prevent what happened this week from ever happening again. My God, what a week, I'm shattered!


  1. hi,

    thankyou for doing this blog i look forward to reading it each day. Out of interest which do you think is the best scoreboard to use when you have no video to watch to trade matches.



  2. Cheers Steve, I'm glad you are enjoying it! The best scoreboard is on Bet365 as it seems to update the quickest. However, I usually use - there is a link on the atpworldtour and wtatour websites. I prefer it cos it gives you live stats aswell, which Bet365 doesn't, plus it shows far more matches.


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