Sunday, 20 March 2011

Miami Spice

There haven't been many matches since I last posted but I've been implementing my new strategy and so far, so good. I'm not going to lie and pretend it's all been smooth sailing. I started with a horrendous bit of trading in the Querrey v Robredo game. That dumb-ass Grinch lost to a one-legged man and cost me a large wedge in the process. I can't blame him entirely though, as I let a huge green slip from my grasp, deciding that there was no way any human with even a pea-sized brain could lose against a half-lame Robredo. But I didn't reckon on that yokel Querrey. That set me up for some angry chasing in the following Ivanovic v Bartoli game, which I never should have gotten involved in and subsequently lost.

Since then, I have actually sorted myself out and results have favoured me but sadly, without the profit I would have liked. Paper-trade results have given me 19 wins (individual trades rather than matches) and 3 losses since the Bartoli balls-up. The only problem is that I haven't for the most part, attempted to use real money. So again, I've missed out on some fantastic profit. It's tricky, changing the habits that you've strived to maintain for over a year. I've really found it difficult to fully commit to my new strategy, especially as I'm still really honing it to perfection. I've been winging it during some games and have made decisions that I regret but it's all part of the learning process. I still have to get comfortable with it but I need to dive in and go for it more to do that. I've been reluctant to get involved in several matches that would've produced winners and it's been very frustrating. I just need to trust myself more, as my reading of games is now very rarely wrong. But I think I am now ready to take the plunge and not look back. Strangely enough, it was a doubles game that has given me the confidence I need. The women's doubles final at Indian Wells was the first doubles match I've ever traded and it proved ripe for my new strategy. I gained a £40 win, the first I've ever had following the new strategy with real money!

So I'm now all set for Miami. It's gonna be a huge tournament for me as if it doesn't go well, I'll almost certainly be calling it a day as far as trading is concerned. I'll be back reporting daily with my struggles tomorrow - here's hoping for a bit of Miami Spice!


  1. Hi Sultan, interesting blog you have here. When i read your posting it really, really reminds me of myself about a year ago, with all the ups and downs, emotional pain etc. I cant comment on your strats, but from reading your blog, i think you might get better trading if lowering your stakes. My guess would be that you use around 100 stakes, which is pretty large, considering that you have not found the right way to trade yet - if you get me right. I used ver low stakes for very long, which makes it much easier to focus on the trading, not the numbers.
    Just my 5 cents.
    Good luck with the trading.

  2. Hi Tytteboevs, actually, my stakes were much larger than £100. I thought that I had found the right way to trade, which was why they had grown so high. But I have since found a way which is more suitable and my stakes are now much lower. You are right, this has helped me to concentrate more on the getting the trade right. I just hope now that I can get some consistency over the next 2 weeks.


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