Saturday, 12 March 2011

Once bitten.............

Due to Betfair once again being down, I decided after what happened to me last time, I would take the whole day off. Simply not worth the risk. Plus I felt quite good about not giving them my commission for one day! I stumbled across this remarkable statement whilst looking for info about the down-time, where a Betfair spokeswoman said, regarding the site issues:

"No one had felt the problems as keenly as Betfair staff but the betting exchange had picked its moment as best it could."

It makes your blood boil doesn't it? What an arrogant and insensitive comment. Whoever this woman is she deserves a severe reprimand for that. So the poor Betfair employees have to work a tiny bit harder to sort out the mess which THEY made and somehow, this is a bigger problem than a trader stuck with an open bet of hundreds or thousands of pounds, that he has no way of hedging because all matches are suspended? It just goes to show once again how little Betfair truly cares about its customers. And as for picking 'its moment as best it could' to shut down - SATURDAY AFTERNOON?! It beggars belief. And what is the reason we have to suffer this disruption? So that Betfair can make even MORE money and screw us Brits over even MORE by moving to a tax haven! But you know, it wouldn't even bother me much if they just did a few very simple things like updating us regularly and in a timely manner, scrapping the Premium Charge and voiding all bets on markets that are affected by disruption or blatant fixes. Until competition comes along, that will never happen.

I read in the same article that Betfair are looking to break into the American market. Well I hope they do because that will mean that the US has relaxed its gambling laws and it will almost certainly lead to an American company or two starting up as competition - then we'll see how much Betfair REALLY value us. I for one, will not forget the number of times I've been messed about them.


  1. Terrible from Betfair, good to see you on form again m8, and loving your background babes!

  2. Thanks Sledge. Can't beat a bit of Sorana - miss her in these bigger tournaments, performing with the best. She'll be back!


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