Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Today was the most nervous day of trading I have ever experienced. Making the switch from old to new strategy was much tougher than I expected. It was such a different way of doing things and it felt rather unnatural. I felt a huge amount of pressure to get off to a good start, as if to vindicate my reasoning for the change. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. 2 of my opening 3 trades were losers and the other one went right to the wire. I felt awful, pacing the room, heart pounding, stomach churning and I immediately felt doubt and panic spread across my mind. The relief of gaining a green in the Pervak v Kucova game, was immense. But my early worries lead to me becoming more passive and cautious as the day went on and it really cost me.

I used half stakes on the Dokic v Malek game, missing out on a healthy profit. I ducked out of a great opportunity during the Young v Clement game, which would have given me a large green. Instead, I dived into the Craybas v Davis game with a pre-match bet, going against my new strategy. I was lucky to get out with just a small loss. All-in-all, a disappointing end to what should have been a brilliant start. But at least I have profit and the knowledge that if I'd just stayed calm and done the right things, I'd have done really well. It is clearly going to take a few days for me to gain full confidence in using this system, especially as yet again, there are no live pics till the weekend. I just need to find a way to relax more during the games and I'll be fine. Bring on Day 2!


  1. Hi Mr Sultan enjoying the blog would you like to swap links..http://pdktennistrading.wordpress.com/

  2. Hello again, did I jut ctare the most mental game ever, started with 20€ and won €54, Li Vs Larrson ladies tennis. The swings were just nuts.

  3. Yes PDK, will do that.

    Guy, I followed that game, it was incredible. Unfortuntately, I got stung! The worst thing is, I should have made a big profit but didn't have the balls to give it a shot when it was screaming out at me to get involved.

    Speedwave, I have now drastically reduced my stakes. I don't like to talk about stakes because they are a personal thing but I used to use hundreds, I now use under £100.


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