Sunday, 27 March 2011


I was rejuvenated today. Actually being able to watch games, enjoy the tennis, listen to some commentary (even if it is just those often appalling blokes who clearly know nothing about the sport on betting site streams!), makes a huge difference. My key strength is being able to read matches well and so pics are vital. It showed today, as the only losses I had were on games with no stream available. Aside from those blips, I continued as I left off on Friday but with even more confidence. I felt relaxed enough to try things that I was fearful of with larger stakes in the past. I was basically able to trust my own intuition more, rather than stay rigidly within strict boundaries due to fear of large reds. I can guarantee that I would not have won on the Cuevas v Roddick, Gabashvili v Tsonga OR Sharapova v Lisicki matches if those same games had taken place on Thursday. In fact, I don't think I would have won on those games at ANY stage in the past!

I approached each trade with a much more solid risk assessment plan, so that I was never too worried about it going badly against me. Most importantly, this allowed me to stick with my own judgement and have a crack at situations that previously, I would not dare to venture near, purely because I did not adjust my stakes sizes to suit the situation. I used to always say I was 'keeping it simple', as I felt that it would suit me better, as someone not good with figures, to have one stake size, no matter what my bank was. I felt there was no need to over-complicate things and get bogged down in the numeracy and preferred to just slap down the same amount every time, without thinking. But actually, I've found it to be quite interesting, making decisions on the fly and thinking thoroughly about what my next move is going to be, continually assessing the risk and reward. It's actually been rather stimulating and has given me greater satisfaction when trades have gone well.

But let's not get carried away! It's only been 2 days and the number of matches will start to dwindle next week. The main thing is, I'm finally getting a good night's sleep again!

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