Monday, 28 March 2011

Wakey, Wakey

Despite a third day in a row of profit, I was disappointed with the day's trading. If I'm being honest, I got lucky with a few games which could have easily ended up with larger red figures. I got involved at points I shouldn't have in the Radwanska v Kirilenko game and paid for it, though it could have been a lot worse. Same with Llodra v Granollers. And things were not looking rosy during the Groth v Zvonareva game for a while either. I don't know what was wrong with me today. I should have been bubbling with enthusiasm after two excellent days but for some reason, I just wasn't in the right mood. I can't put my finger on why, so I guess it was just one of those days we all have every now and then, where we 'get out of bed the wrong side'. Maybe it was those 3 sleepless nights catching up with me. I was lethargic and struggling to focus on the games and my timing and reading of the play was well off. But I suppose if you can come away from a day like that and still have profit, you can't really ask for much more and I should be pleased.

I think a key reason why today still ended with a positive result, was simply because of my new low stakes and bank management. When I got things wrong and messed up my strategy, I was able to just hang in and wait a bit longer than I would have done with larger stakes and for the most part, this enabled me to get out with minor damage or even a profit. It wasn't exactly text-book following of strategy but the lack of fear I now have, allowed me to go with my intuition and over-ride the strategy to get me out of trouble. Anyway, it was a wake up call, if I still needed one, that I'm not out of trouble yet and just need to keep a tight check on my emotional state before trading. Preparing mentally before a session, even if just for 5 minutes, can make all the difference to how you perform.

Just as a side note, if you haven't seen the video clip on the Miami website of the amazing doubles point between Djokovic / Murray and Youhzny / Stakhovsky, check it out

Brilliant on two levels. Firstly, it's an incredible point. Secondly, watch how Djokovic does all the hard work, fights like a trojan to keep in the point and then Murray comes along with the eaiest chance and puts it into the net! Hilarious! Typical of his form right now.


  1. I think there's a limit as to how long you can perform at your best. I knew yesterday that I would not have a good day, shut down everything and went to the pub. I lost €30 on a Gaelic Match but that wasn't trading and had I traded I would have won. The problem was had I traded I would have traded everything including horses and just had a bad feeling. It's very intense trading full time. One stupid move and a lot of work down the swanee. Old adage but sometimes a break is as good as a rest.

  2. That sounds to me more like a negative attitude that got you into trouble. I can guarantee that if you ever go into the day thinking you won't have a good day, then you almost certainly will lose. I go into every day with positivity, I never believe that I will definitely have a bad day. I agree there is a limit to your optimum performance but you can't possibly know for sure you'll have a bad day, unless you are ill or approaching it in a negative frame of mind. I still made profit despite my lack of focus and I think that's because I didn't give up and always remained positive.

  3. Well done mate!

    All you need is a good few days on the bounce and you stop worrying about losing and start kicking yourself you only got 20% out of that game.

    I had a great day today. I have a chat room as part of my service and at times it can be a distraction (when you're red with no price left!) but when you're winning it's great!

    Everything i touched turned to gold today and although I was a little greedy at times and could have had a lot more out of the day it was a damn fine return to form on the whole.

    I had a couple of bad games this week. The Kanepi- Razzano game was about the worst as I traded away merrily in the second set getting bigger and bigger red and being a little flumoxed as to why I wasn't getting the swing I wanted...

    I had been very tired after a number of late nights and probably shouldn't have evn started the game but towards the end of the set it hit me..

    I had been trading away in the belief that Kanepi was a break up. In fact the game was on serve which would explian why I wasn't getting the price movement I wanted!

    A stupid mistake caused by tiredness and lack of concentration but i don't kick myself too hard. It cost me £48 but I was lucky to get away with that.

    We all do it Sultan, make silly mistakes, lose focus etc... I've been trading full time for 4 years next week and even now I get down and think i can't do it when i have a bad day.

    On a different note, doesn't Del Potro look awesome this week?

    Shame about Blake too. He was really upset after his bashing by Novak.

    Keep it up mate. I enjoy the read!

  4. Thanks again Guru. I made a horrendous error today, which you'll read about tomorrow. Thank god I'm on small stakes or I would have gone mental!

    I think Delpo has a great chance of winning Miami. When you are out-hitting Soderling, you know you are in form!


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