Tuesday, 5 April 2011

All Good Things.......

Well, it was coming. I've been saying for days now that a big loss was imminent and today, it finally happened. I honestly don't know what I was thinking at the time. It was just one of those where I let the trade run and run and run; from green, to parity, to small red, to large red and eventually, I just gave up and let the whole bet run into oblivion. I felt fury that I hadn't experienced since the dark days of a few weeks ago. Miraculously though, I made the whole lot back with my next trade, though it was hardly a text-book moment and not something I will be repeating. Yet despite this second chance I was given to start over, I still continued to trade like a headless chicken, wrecklessly careering around the markets like it was Christmas Eve and I desperately had to splash the cash before it was too late. All 4 of my remaining trades took on far too much risk and as such, carried a huge weight of anxiety on my shoulders. They pretty much evened themselves out, as I had to cut two short and go red, whilst the other 2 went my way.

Overall, it was a horrible, stressful day's trading and I count myself lucky to come out with just a small loss. This ends my run of green days, which had gone into double figures but to be honest, I'm kind of glad. It was almost becoming a burden, as if I HAD to continue winning to keep it going as long as possible. This is never a good idea, as for me, daily monetary goals are only a hinderance. I aim to trade as though there are no days, that way, it doesn't matter how much you make within any particular 24 hours, it only matters that you are consistent in the long run, over a period of several weeks. This puts less pressure to find wins on each individual day. But I was starting to think about making sure I was in the green, even if by just a few pennies, to keep the run going. Ridiculous. I even entered the Wickmayer v Zheng game with the sole intention of trying to get £17 just so I would end the day in profit. But it's over now and hopefully, so is this slack, unfocused period I'm going through.

There is some positivity to come out of the day. Firstly, the loss was only small. Secondly, I finally had a run and feel much more refreshed. Thirdly, my Omega 3 Oil has arrived! So now there can be no more excuses. The oil shold kick-in in a few days and my concentration and focus should improve. Tomorrow, I will be making sure I never let another day like today happen. I have to admit that I did not fully go through the list of preparatory things that I'd made in yesterday's post. That will change. I need to start afresh and use today as a warning as to what can happen if you don't approach trading professionally.

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