Monday, 4 April 2011

Not 100%

Another profitable day but another day where I still wasn't trading at my best. I think it started so badly because those numbskulls at Betfair had the first game of the day down as 11.15am. So imagine my surprise when I logged on expecting the Dulgheru v Pivovarova game to kick the day off and a set had already been played in the Begu v Koryttseva game. I was pissed off and as such, got involved as quickly as I could to make up for the lost hour. This was foolish and cost me, as I staked incorrectly in my rush. This put me in a really foul mood and that feeling that a huge mistake was just around the corner, came to prominence. It very nearly happened in the Dulgheru game, where I took a price that was too low and clung on for dear life. I got away with it but this made me extra cautious during the Pous-Tio v Hercog match and I ended up red when I should have been green. I got my equilibrium back later but disaster almost struck in the Mirza v Riske game, as I missed my exit point. It didn't turn out too badly in the end but all-in-all, today's trading did not sit right with me. There were too many little mistakes and I was fortunate none of them turned into big mistakes.

I just can't seem to get my focus right. Even though the results are fantastic, I am a perfectionist and I know that I should be doing better. I can only put it down to a mixture of things. I've not been exercising much of late. I'm still awaiting delivery of my magic Omega Fish Oil. My eyes have been really irritable lately too. And I've not been keeping hydrated whilst working. In fact, I've generally gone a bit lax on the whole pre-trade preparation routine. I tried to kick-start it today and be more thorough and professional but it all went down the pan after that horrible start to the day. Tomorrow, I need to start setting firm goals again because the way things are going, I am going to suffer a big loss sooner rather than later. My goals for tomorrow are as follows:

1. Prepare properly beforehand. Have a glass of water at the ready. Do a short hypnotherapy session too.

2. Get out for a run at some point.

3. Go back to talking through the matches and trades. It always focuses me more.

4. FOLLOW THE STRATEGY 100%. Get back to basics, don't force things.

5. Keep ears open for the postman - that fish oil is on its way!

Hopefully I'll feel more myself tomorrow. Profit isn't everything when it comes to trading. At the end of the day, you have to be able to look honestly at your results and know that you did the right things at the right times, even if that meant doing something you didn't want to do. Tonight, I can't say I did that.


  1. Hey Sultan,

    Glad the run has continued mate!

    I am truly amazed that you were able to trade the early game though as I searched for it for a good 20 minutes and couldn't find a market!

    I wonder sometimes if my softare is running properly. I encountered a situation earlier that i just can't fathom out.

    I had laid 1.21 Errani first set. Yet I only magaed to get £26.13 matched while the rest of my stake sat there. The strange thing was that money was getting matched merrily beneath me even though I wasn't getting matched myself.

    I have seen it a few times recently but my money has already been in the market when it has happened and I can only put it down to Betfair tinkering with the market.

    If that's true we are all on a loser long term!

    She was laid to 1.18 if I remember in the 1st set yet when i put my money in, the price was sitting 1.30+ so I know it wasn't matched before I got matched.

    Hope you understand what I mean and I just wanted to post it so that your readers are aware!

  2. Do you mean the Begu game? That was the earliest match and I missed the first hour because there was no market on Betfair at the start of the day. When I logged back on, the market was now there.

    As for Errani and the problems you've had, I've honestly never had that happen to me. Maybe it is the software you are using?


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