Friday, 1 July 2011

It's Time for the Revolution!

From the email I received back from IBM, it looks as though Slamtracker is well and truly gone. Still, if you don't try and get what you want, you will never succeed. And it is that attutude which I believe we should all be taking regarding the new Betunfair premium charge. So if you haven't already done so, please get onto the following Facebook page :

Betfair Fiasco Facebook Page

Discussion is already well underway and I believe that a Twitter group is being set up, as well as direct contact for a meeting with Betdaq. It is my firm belief that we can only succeed in this revolution with Betdaq's help. They need to be working with us and aiding us to get the message out there that Betunfair is no longer a proper Betting Exchange. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for us all to be using Betunfair when there is a better alternative and so we only have ourselves to blame if we don't take action. We all need to be pro-active and not just dismiss this as it 'will never happen'. Well it won't ever happen if we all have that attitude. They probably thought that in Egypt 6 months ago and look what happened there!

Of course, if you are anything like me, you won't be able to afford to just boycott or partially-migrate your bank. I don't have that kind of money knocking around. So I believe that Betdaq needs to be at the forefront of organising an aggressive marketing plan that enables us all to move over together, with assurances that if we migrate en masse, the platform will be stable enough and the choice of markets varied enough. Here is how they've reacted so far (taken from the Facebook page above):

"As you can imagine we are inundated with a large amount of requests in the last 48 hours in relation to the new Premium Charges being introduced by Betfair.

We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to update you on how we plan to proceed and also discuss the possibility of a meeting.

Kind Regards,

The BETDAQ Marketing Team"

Promising, I think you'll agree. But if they are to do their bit, then we as individuals, all need to do our bit. It's actually quite exciting when you think about it. This is maybe a once in a lifetime chance for many of us, to become part of a revolution. We have the chance to change the face of gambling and trading in the UK - maybe the world! Seriously though, the anger behind this seems palpably stronger than it was when the PC was first introduced. Sure, most people were pissed off but the 20% probably wasn't a high enough motivation for revolution for the vast majority. Added to the fact that Betdaq hardly did anything to lure us over and their markets back then were pitiful liquidity-wise, you can be forgiven for thinking that it was fruitless. But things have changed. Betdaq liquidity is vastly improved. The Wimbledon semi-finals yesterday had more than enough liquidity to make them tradeable for most punters and I know that when I've checked in the past, the later stages of events all appear to have decent enough liquidity for the average trader. It's the earlier rounds and smaller events that are the worry.

Perhaps a gradual migration of all activity could be the way to go for many of us tennis boys. I'm sure once word gets out and Betunfair's name gets dragged through the mud by the press, the low-level punters will start to flock over and join the rest of us - the revolutionary trend-setters! To be honest, there is no reason at all why a standard punter shouldn't be using Betdaq over Betunfair already. Commission is lower and if you are just taking a punt, you don't need masses of liquidity. So in theory, the only reason most people are using Betunfair anyway, is because they don't know about Betdaq or have become familiar with Betunfair and so don't really care.

Anyway, we should not be waiting for others to take the lead, we should be at the forefront of the revolution, sticking it to Betunfair hard and straight. That means putting the word out about the Facebook and Twitter pages on forums, blogs and trading rooms and considering moving over whatever activity we can, away from Betunfair and over to Betdaq. We in the know should be educating everyone so that they are aware that this charge affects EVERYONE, not just the elite few. The next phase will then be up to The Daq. Do they have the balls and the ambition (and the financial clout) for a fight? Whatever the case, we need to be 100% behind them, not critical of the only business that can really help us get the fairness we seek. Betunfair are going through turmoil right now. They are struggling with their shares on the stock market, have seen a number of key management people quit and now have this bad publicity to deal with. The time is perfect to strike a blow. But the greatest obstacle to us succeeding is the punters out there who are negative and don't believe that anything will change. Nothing will ever get done if those people don't get off their arse and be more positive. So don't just sit there with apathy, get on the Facebook page and JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

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