Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Pain in the Grass

Well, my grass court fears came very much true this week. After having such a good clay-court season, I was worried that the change to a quicker surface might adversely affect my system and my success rate. I have really struggled to get wins on the board over the first 3 days. It's been a combination of straight-forward wins for a lot of favourites, very few breaks and a market which is heavily weighted towards the server. The tactic of backing on serve is almost a non-starter in most men's matches, as the rewards are even smaller than usual and the downside now far too risky to even contemplate, with enormous swings at even the hint of a break. But those breaks are so few and far between that going against the server has proved ineffective in most games I've been following. There has been some hard court action in Copenhagen but my frustration with the ATP lead to me making a couple of huge errors with the WTA as I tried to work back losses and so all-round, it's been a bad few days. Thank God this only lasts for one month!

I had the same issues when the season moved from hard to clay courts though and after a shaky start, once I'd adjusted and tweaked a few things, I was in my element. I think things will be better once I've settled down to the change in pace and there are more WTA streams I can watch. I also think that the match-ups will get better during the latter stages of tournaments and there should be more to work with regarding prices. That said, I would actually be in profit but for a loss of discipline in just one game, so I can't be too down-hearted and as you can see from Wednesday's P&L, I have started to turn things around. I think my strategy will be to strip back my entry points, be more patient and prioritise WTA over ATP far more than I would on clay. I have been trying a little too hard to force things, getting involved too often and all of this is because I've had to wait (often in vain) much longer for opportunities to appear. It's that old patience game again! Or maybe I'm just disorientated from seeing the likes of Andreas Seppi and Daniel Gimeno-Traver on grass. It just seems WRONG, somehow!

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