Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Bye Bye Betunfair!

You'd better believe it! The boycott this week and exodus of many big players and fed-up punters alike appears to be paying off. Some said it couldn't happen but I've seen with my very own eyes the changes happening on The Daq. There was always a good chance that the Horse Racing markets would look significantly improved and from all the feedback I've read, it seems to be the case. But I was unsure whether the tennis markets would see such an upturn in liquidity. Certainly, the televised matches have seen a vast improvement and so I took the liberty of taking screen shots of the early morning match between Vesnina and Buchina at the small tournament in Baku:

As you can see, the amounts available at this point in the match (and throughout it to be honest) were FAR larger on Betdaq. And this was at the exact same time (during a Vesnina time-out) so it's an accurate representation. This is something I've never seen before. Now obviously, the amounts matched are much larger on Betunfair. I presume that's simply because there are not as many smaller players taking the money (feel free to put me straight if you know otherwise) but however you look at it, there can be no doubt that this game was perfectly tradeable for just about anyone. Check out the 11am game between Kremer and Makarova. This was in-play after about 15 mins:

I do know that in matches not available via stream that this situation was not the same but this is only early days. Things ARE changing and should continue to improve steadily. Shortly after I took those screenshots, Betunfair went down AGAIN in BOTH games, for the umpteenth time in recent days. This time, it caught me out and cost me money, just as it did earlier in the year. So if I needed any further reason to go, this was the final nail in the coffin. Sayonara, adios, ciao, bye bye Betunfair - I'm off to Betdaq. I will be moving half my bank over there as soon as I find a replacement for The Geek's Toy and will be playing as many matches as possible on purple, gradually moving my entire operation over as the liquidity and matches available improve. Which they surely will do now this company continues to implode. I urge everyone to get over there asap, at least check out what's available and see for yourself the changes. Join the revolution!


  1. I don't really see any pros for betdaq in tennis trading at this time. 600.000 matched in comparison to just 30.000 Punds matched?! Well I only do really small stakes, since i am still learning, so i will check into that too. maybe there will be less price fluctuations and odds will move more predictable, since big players might stay with betunfair for now. so i hope not expecting any 10k lays or backs to slow down odd movements.

    as for a nice tool for trading try DaqBot... its still free at http://www.binteko.com/daqbot.php

  2. Are you kidding?! How about 2.5% commission for starters? Besides, it's not the amounts matched you need to worry about, it's the amount AVAILABLE. Look again at my screenshots, it's very clear where the money is! This is not a gappy market either, prices are filled solidly and deeply. If you are on really small stakes, there is even less reason not to use Betdaq.

    The big players are the ones providing the money, it is clear that they have moved to Betdaq for the most part. You really should read what is happening on the Betfair Fiasco Facebook page, it'll keep you better informed of the situation. Now is the time to move!

    Cheers for the daqbot link, Betdaq have emailed me several apps to try, so will give them a all a go.

  3. I just made my first trade on betdaq with daqbot... had an old account at betdaq when writing an php api for betdaq betting. won 0,06 Euro on 2 Euro stake just to test it ;) works fine when the game is on its way. Right now looking into Rezai match and the prices gets filled slowly.. hope to see better results after warm up. At the previous game today there was about 450k matched at the end. this is more than good. much progress lately on betdaq sure. Lets see how fast i can turn my 10 Euro into more at betdaq.. like a 20 euro challenge or so, haha.

  4. Good stuff! I did the same myself, wanted to get used to Daqbot and had no problems in any of the televised games getting matched. The games that are not televised are difficult to trade compared to Betunfair so I will have to stay there for those ones but as most of the games I trade have a stream, most of my activity should now take place at Betdaq.

    I do miss The Geek's Toy though, it's WAY better than the free platforms available for the Daq :(

  5. In the new scenario the liquidity will be spread in 3 or even 4 different exchanges. It won't be long until someone comes up with some software to operate in all of them at the same time. I know people who could do it already (They actually don't, because they support the strike against Betfair)

  6. The New World Order, David! Keep up the good work :)


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