Monday, 15 August 2011

Cincinnati Sins

First game of a new week and the big tournament in Cincinnati and what do I do? I let a trade run past the 25% red-up point. THE VERY FIRST GAME!! So how did that happen? My focus was fine, however, my patience was lacking. I basically went in with too large a stake, doubling up what I'd initially entered the market with. I felt that Sabine Lisicki was about to pummel Shahar Peer into the ground and was too quick to assume the 'inevitable'. Normally, at the price I entered at, I would only use half stakes but I bulldozed my way into the market, making it imperative that Lisicki trained to 1.01. That didn't happen! She promptly lost the set and then capitulated to 0-5 second set.

I saw the 25% red sitting there, waiting to be taken. I even had a minute or so to take it. But as usual, my subconscious wouldn't allow it and I reverted to type. I was livid with myself and switched to the Cetkovska v Medina game. I traded that game well and made a nice £44 in just a few minutes. It didn't really make me feel much better though. First game of the week and I'm already hundreds in deficit. That's always a crushing feeling because I always start the week with renewed enthusiasm that this is gonna be the week when it all falls into place. Less than an hour in and I'm already facing the fact that it's going to be yet another seven day struggle. However, fortune was smiling on me for once. I glanced at the score only to see that Lisicki had won 5 games in a row and it was now 5-5! I could now red up for that 25% loss, as if nothing had happened! All my sins had been absolved! Instead of being £200 down after one hour, I was now £6 down!

I followed this debacle with some nice trading on Bogomolov and then Goerges, plus a scratch trade on Nalbandian which was unlucky not to make profit too. But I then faced a second challenge. This time, I was determined not to mess up. I placed 3 trades on the Petkovic v Gajdosova game but all of them failed. When the 4th trade reversed on me, I took the 25% red and left the game. So there you go, I've taken my first 25% red since the FPD Plan started! Can't say it felt good, especially as it wiped out all my profit for the day but it was the right thing to do and that's all that matters.

Later on, I exercised good patience by not trading the Haas game because I could feel my focus wasn't right. Instead, I took a break and came back refreshed for Harrison v Chela, where I clocked a massive £89 green! So I ended the day with £100 profit. If I'd lost that Lisicki game, I would be -£50.

Today was a brilliant example of why I'm not quite able to push my trading from small profit to large profit. The difference between taking the 25% red and leaving the trade to run, was a whopping £150. And if I hadn't made that mistake in the first place and used correct staking, I'm almost certain I would have been able to make profit from that Lisicki game, as it fit my strategy perfectly. Factoring in that win, I would have ended the day at £175 profit. The Gajdosova game was traded correctly for the most part, so that loss would've remained roughly the same.

So you can see the way my trading has been going and also where it could and should be going. It really seems such a small margin between success and failure. In reality, that margin is quite big because the FP and D are nowhere near consistent enough yet. But there was a lot of promise today. My focus was superb, I opted out of games, I redded-up when required and accepted a 25% loss. It was just that one game that let me down. Le cochon D'Inde shall return for tomorrow's Cincinnati experiments!

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