Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Japanese Bullet-Train

Another interesting day for the FPD Plan. I started with a nice win on Li v Safarova but then went on a run of 5 losses in a row. Now that sounds pretty bad but in actual fact, I'm quite proud of how it all turned out. Only one of those games came close to the 25% loss limit. But best of all, as I look at my record notes, there are NO blue highlighter pen marks i.e. I did not make any mistakes. This once again proves what I've been saying for many months; if I use the correct entry points, I don't get angry and lose discipline, so I also use the correct exit points and have no problem accepting a red.

This was also a massive test for my patience and discipline because it is very rare that I have 5 losses in a row, particularly when I have followed the strategy properly. I cannot even remember the last time that happened. So I'm really pleased with the way I reacted to these set-backs. My entry points were faultless on each occasion but just when I needed that little bit of luck to give me a good green, the match turned the other way. Examples include Maria Kirilenko being 40-0 ahead and squandering all 3 break points. Peng and Dulko both throwing away 30-0 positions by losing 4 points in a row, within the same match. And Fabio Fognini, who only won 3 games against James Blake, deciding that one of those games where he actually got off his arse and managed to keep the ball in play, would be the one I needed him to lose to make a rather fat profit.

It was just one of those days where the market kept speeding like a Japanese bullet-train in the direction I predicted it would, only to suddenly and out of nowhere slam on the brakes and do a screeching u-turn in the opposite direction. In the past, this sort of bad luck would have seen my frustration levels well-up until they exploded in a mushroom-cloud of anger, with me probably losing all discipline and throwing my money on a straight bet. Not today! In fact, for the third day running, I elected to opt out of a game I could've traded, to sort out my focus. And for the second day running, when I returned, I traded beautifully and made profit on the Federer v Del Potro game, which meant I finished the day with £26 profit! Not bad for a 5 losses to 2 wins ratio!

I can really feel the difference in my trading since starting the FPD Plan and it is showing in my records. Out of my last 16 trades, only 4 have blue marks. That is a shift from approx. 50% of all games traded that had errors before I started the plan, to 25%. I've taken breaks and opted out of trading some games on each day so far and overall, I'm starting to feel a lot more relaxed, sharper and in control. The Japanese bullet-train didn't want to go to my destination today but overall, it's starting to speed quite nicely in the right direction.

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