Monday, 15 August 2011

Le Cochon D'Inde

Since I started the FPD Plan, it has been very interesting, at times startling, to observe my own behaviour whilst trading. I feel as though I am a scientist conducting experiments on a guinea-pig, except that I am also the guinea-pig! The more astute of you (or those who paid attention during French lessons!) will know that 'cochon d'inde' means 'guinea-pig'. It's one of the few words I remember from French class at school, as something about it always appealed to me. I never thought I would ever actually get to use it properly during my adult life but I've finally done it!

Anyway, I digress. As the scientist, I've noticed a lot more these past couple of days, how often the guinea-pig version of me automatically does things that it shouldn't be doing. I caught myself on a number of occasions reaching for the mouse-pad mid-game, in order to change tabs and start surfing the web. I didn't even have anything specific to look at most of the time, it was just a reflex action. It's just a horrible bad habit that has actually cost me money many times. I've listed 'internet ban' amongst my weekly goals dozens of times this year, yet after a few days, I just seem to forget and go back to the distractions of the world-wide web.

But although there are several bad-habits that I need to cut out, I have to remain positive and think about all the good new habits I've introduced and stuck with this year:

1. Regular stretching and exercise in between games.

2. Staying hydrated

3. Writing daily non-monetary goals

4. Keeping detailed written records of each trade

5. Bank management and proper stake sizes

Then there's all the bad habits that I have actually stopped doing altogether:

1. Chasing back losses on the football

2. Losing my temper and going berserk to the point of punching and kicking things

3. Trading multiple games at the same time

4. Trading more than 10 hours a day and not getting enough rest

5. Trading with more than my maximum stake (including piling in with the whole bank!)

None of these changes happened over-night but it shows that change is possible with hard work. There are a couple of things I want to introduce regularly which I have tried in the past but not stuck to. The total ban on surfing the net is one. A regular hypnosis session is another. I don't know why I never stuck to this because whenever I have one, I always feel great afterwards - bouncing with energy and positivity. But I had one yesterday and really felt the benefit. I made £170 from the four semi-finals and two finals - 5 wins and one that I didn't get involved in. F,P and D all first-class. So I will be adding a weekly hypnosis session to my trading diary.

Another thing I've struggled to stick to is talking through each game out-loud. I've been doing it a lot more lately and as always, it works wonders for my focus. Apart from that, I'm quite satisfied with the way things are heading. The weekend's trading was almost perfect, I felt fantastic and most importantly, the fear factor wasn't there. I am ready and prepared for that first mistake or that 25% red-up point and I 100% believe that I will deal with it calmly and efficiently. Let the experiments continue - vive le cochon d'inde!


  1. Good to hear! Looks like things are going in the right direction!

    I too can't resist the lure of the Super Highway mid game! I was going to mention the fact in my previous post but was kind of too ashamed to! For me, that's my worst habit and needs to stop. It tends to happen if I've had a bad run and while now at least I tell myself 'oh no you don't', another part of me says 'just a quick surf', and of course I listen to that little devil! Let me know if you find a cure!

    I used to always flick to my email client too and then get caught up writing replies, but solved that by closing it before trading!

    I like the sound of hypnosis! Do you do this yourself (with aids - CD's etc) or do you actually go to see someone (expensive?)

    Best of luck for Cincinnato and hope FPD continues to impress!

  2. Most of the time, I'm just refreshing the page on facebook and I've recently joined twitter, which probably isn't a good idea! The best way to stop is to make sure all windows are closed and instead of opening up a new one, stand up between games and have a stretch, do a few exercises or just a quick pace round the room. Can't surf if you aren't at the PC!

    For info on hypnosis, look at my February post entitled 'Hypnotherapy'. I don't use CDs or see anyone these days because I can perform self-hypnosis.

    Good luck to you to!


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