Monday, 8 August 2011

Physically Cold, Mentally Hot

I felt like shit this past week. But for a change, it has nothing to do with my trading. I've struggled with a cold that, had I had it 2 weeks ago, would've undoubtedly lead to even worse trading than I'd been experiencing. However, despite the fact that physically, I've not felt this bad all year, I traded better than I have done in the whole of 2011. In between the coughs and splutters, I've managed to somehow retain a high level of focus for the entire week and this has resulted in some of my highest profit and ROI for any week this year! There is no secret to this upswing in form. I haven't changed strategy or stakes or done anything drastically different. I am simply mentally refreshed following my break and as a result, I have approached each game with a renewed enthusiasm and stronger concentration.

Previously, I was easily distracted and I just couldn't muster the passion to be thorough. This week, I've been up for every game and so have spotted opportunities more often and during the trade, I've prepared myself properly for my exit points and stuck to them. Sounds so simple when I write it like that. And it is, I guess! That's all trading is essentially; choose safe and proper entry points and plan and execute your exit points.

The evidence of my success is clear to see in my records. Before my holiday, my notes were littered with blue marker-pen, which is what I use to highlight errors I've made. Almost every single game had at least one error in the week leading up to my break. This week, around 50% of my traded games have blue marks. That's still a lot of mistakes but it just goes to show the potential that is there to make fantastic profit. Eradicate all those mistakes and who knows where it could lead. In fact, some of those games with blue marks, I still ended up with profit despite the mistake, showing that I was able to keep a clear head and turn things around with sensible trading.

In total, I have 19 wins and 9 losses and only two of those losses went past my 20% stop-loss limit. Unfortunately, both those occassions came over the weekend and really messed up my overall total but nonetheless, I'm satisfied with my profit. There was only one occasion where I let a trade get horribly out of control. It turned back in my favour, so the loss was smaller. But previously, that would happen at least once a day. This is the first week in over 2 months that I've not lost a full stake. The other really pleasing thing is that I have not traded many games. This time last year, I would've been trading the morning games from Kitzbuhel and gone right through the night doing the WTA from Carlsbad, probably well over 12 hours on the ladders. This week, I have only traded 6 evening games, as I just haven't needed to, such has been my success rate with the Kutzbuhel ATP.

So you can see the improvements are vast. The aim now is to simply keep it up! There's absolutely no chance of me ever getting over-confident or complacent again, so I just need to make sure I remain consistent. It's great to be back in the groove and enjoying tennis trading once more.


  1. Well done.

    Thats what happens to me is that I go on an amazing winning streak and think Im invincible!!

  2. Cheers AL. I always say that being over-confident is every bit as dangerous as having no confidence in what you are doing.


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