Monday, 22 August 2011

Trading Timeline

And so a hideous week comes to an end. 11 wins and 31 losses. Normally, I'm used to that figure being the other way around! Even during most losing weeks, I still tend to have more wins than losses. Four of those losses were monumental fuck-ups that should never have happened. They were Dodig v Monfils (where I bet based on an injury and not what was actually happening), Lisicki v Peer (staked too high then let the trade run out of control), Zheng v Jankovic (Let a massive green slip back to a big red) and Federer v Berdych (a straight bet).

Without those 4 losses I would almost be breaking even. So it's given me a bit of a lift to know that in such a bad week, I wasn't far from escaping unscathed. I thought it would also help to do a timeline of my progress as a tennis trader, in order to show how much I'd improved and give me some positivity:

February - March 2010

Finally gave up on the football and started paying attention to the Tradeshark Tennis Strategies I'd bought the previous summer! After a good start on tiny stakes, I started to get excited - tennis was the sport for me!

April - July

Learnt the market and the sport, trading and watching religiously every day. Started upping-stakes substantially (way too soon) and those wins started turning to losses. Decided to concentrate on WTA only, as struggled with ATP.

August - October 2010

Started tinkering with the Tradeshark strategies in order to try and make them more suitable for my own personality. This showed real promise during the US hardcourt series, as I started to make larger greens. This was the birth of the strategy I still use today. However, my discipline continued to let me down.

November 2010

Realised I just wasn't getting anywhere and needed to make drastic changes. I read 'Trading in the Zone' and 'The Way of the Turtle' and this gave me a new lease of life. I suddenly realised where I was going wrong - I needed to concentrate more on ME and my mindset.

December 2010

Prepared a new strategy for ATP, bought a better laptop, started taking supplements to aid with concentration and generally started approaching trading more professionally.

January 2011

New professionalism improved my trading and focus 10-fold. The ATP strategy immediately started producing results and my greens were getting bigger and more frequent. However, my mindset still let me down and a couple of bad losses would wipe out all my hard work.

February 2011

Started this blog! But results plummeted almost immediately and I slipped into The Gambler's Cycle of endless chasing.

March 2011

Hit rock-bottom as my funds dwindled to almost zero. My anxiety was so high that I couldn't trade properly and made mistakes almost every game. Almost ditched my strategy. Have rarely been as low in my entire life.

April - May 2011

Lowered my stakes and instantly saw results improve. The clay court season saw my trading reach new levels of consistency, as I tweaked my strategy here and there. Finally, I got it to something I was 100% confident with. Also found my anger issues had significantly improved, I stopped chasing on football and overall, was much better psychologically.

June - July 2011

Got complacent, took my eye off the ball. Lost focus and couldn't get it back. Slowly leaked money without even realising, as I lost all passion for trading. Records showed that if I had prevented all my full-stake losses by redding-up at 25% of stake, I'd have saved £3000 over past 3 months.

August 2011

After a break, got my focus back but bad habits had returned over the last couple of months and needed attending to. Started my FPD Plan to try and sort this out. A good start but...............

September 2011

Make or break time..........


  1. Hi Sultan,

    Whatever you decide to do, i wish you luck.


  2. Cheers AL. Always good to get positive responses, they are the ones that keep you going during the rough patches. You'd be surprised that not everyone comments that way! Good luck to you to.



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