Thursday, 18 August 2011

Train Crash

The Japanese Bullet-Train well and truly came to a tragic halt today. Just when I thought I was on the way out, I get pulled back in. It all started with the very first game, Monfils v Dodig. Monfils was injured after just a couple of points but decided to carry on playing, even though he could barely run at all. I piled in on Dodig and then just prayed that Monfils wouldn't retire until the end of the set, to give me a large green. But if anything, it was the Frenchman who reacted better following his time-out. Dodig wasn't at the races, didn't make Monfils run around to aggravate the injury and only drop-shotted him once or twice. He didn't seem to know how to play the situation and his overall game suffered, whilst Monfils seemed to concentrate better. I should've reacted to the warning signs then and there but as I have done on numerous occasions in the past, I held onto my position against the injured player.

Long-time readers might remember when I did this in the Querrey v Robredo and Tipsarevic v Del Potro games earlier this year. Robredo and Del Potro were injured and fatigued, respectively, yet still won their matches because they focused their game more, whilst their opponents capitulated. I lost a full stake on both games because I couldn't believe that anyone could be so brain-dead to lose against a clearly hampered opponent.

At least this time, I redded-up at the 25% mark but the fact I was disciplined at that point didn't help my overall mindset - I was absolutely disgusted with myself. It was the angriest I've been for months and I couldn't control it. Steam must've been coming out of my ears and I felt like smashing something to smithereens. This red-mist phase continued into the next two games, which I stupidly decided to trade at the same time. I ended up red on both games, as my focus wasn't good enough split between the two. The one which really cost me was Murray v Nalbandian, where my entry points were rushed and badly planned. I was seething as I saw the minus 25% figure approaching and wasn't far off just letting the entire trade ride. But I must be getting used to taking the hit now and came out of the trade - so at least there is something positive to come out of today.

It didn't stop there though. I was £65 green on Jankovic v Zheng but didn't take the money, which would have remedied a large chunk of the day's losses. I stayed in for more, trying to recoup the lot and ended up losing it all. At that point, I was close to losing the plot. I suffered 4 more losses, with just one win and ended the day close to tears. None of the losses were large but all of the trades were done with that key ingredient missing - patience.

It seems that my focus and discipline (redding-up), are much improved since I started the FPD Plan, but I always knew that the P was going to be the hardest to change and today really showed that. To let one mistake affect me like that STILL, after all this time, is very worrying. I just couldn't let the Monfils game go and the Jankovic game doubled the frustration. Two green positions which turned red. Had I taken the green on both games, I would've ended the day in profit.

Anyway, it's another harsh lesson learnt and the rule for games involving injuries has to change. From now on, I need to get out of the trade when the injured player is still playing reasonably well. It's just not worth the risk. I'm devastated right now. Tomorrow is gonna be a hard day to lift myself for.

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