Monday, 12 September 2011

Strategy Change

I've made some big decisions over the weekend. I believe it will be in my best interests to make changes to my strategy and my whole way of trading. I have decided that I need to be taking greater advantage of my best skills and tailoring my system so that it suits my personality more. This means being more aggressive, trusting myself more and adding more ways of making money to my strategy.

I'm not totally ditching the key elements of my strategy but tinkering with it enough to hopefully create more opportunities per game. This will mean taking more risks and although I am quite a risk-averse person, I am also very impatient and those extra risks will provide me with more to get involved with and less waiting around for one or two opportunities per match. This should also aid with my focus and overall, make trading a little more enjoyable.

I'm hoping more than anything, that my knowledge and experience of the game and the markets and in-play reading, will finally reap the rewards it should be getting. I'm not naive enough to think that this alone will make me money but the one good thing to come out of the past month was the FPD Plan, which has actually worked, despite disappointing monetary results. The extra mental strength and discipline I have from this, twinned with those other aforementioned skills, should be enough to finally show profit. But only if this new system provides a strong enough framework.

I've decided to throw myself straight in at the deep end. I'm lowering stakes rather than paper-trading anymore and just gonna see how it goes this week. It may be a bit trial and error for a while but I find that's the best way for me to learn, to get stuck in with real markets and real money. Hopefully, my trading will get a lift akin to a Serena Williams on-court tirade!!

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