Friday, 30 September 2011

Striking the Balance

Today I feel that I have finally got things how I want them. It's been a week since my 'Perfect 24 Hours', where I traded without a loss and showed how the new strategy can reap big rewards on a good day. But not every day is good. In trading, it is more important what you do on the bad days or when things are not quite going for you, that will ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail. So I was delighted with my results today because I was seriously tested and put into some situations that, certainly in the past, would have landed me in hot water.

Today however, I believe it's a sign of my growing maturity as a trader that I dealt with the setbacks calmly, confidently and successfully and put all the anxiety of recent days behind me. I didn't get frustrated when I failed to get matched in time during the Young v Soeda game. It would have given me another solid green to add to the day's healthy collection but I accepted it and moved on, despite subsequently taking a small red. I didn't let Dimitri Tursunov's two dreadful service games suck me into a foul mood, when a hold on either occasion would've given me a 150% return on investment. I did the right thing and got out, saving me a red position, when in the past I may have angrily kept my trade on.

I kept my head when failing to get matched on Marcos Baghdatis (another excellent green missed) and then in the same match, saw Jurgen Melzer miss countless opportunities to break in set 2, which would have given me close to 100% ROI. I exited at just the right moment, saving me 5 times as much as I actually lost. And when I made a mistake during the Simon v Bachinger game (the only mistake I made all day), I remained as cool as Samuel L Jackson in an Alaskan refrigerator, as I placed nicely judged stake sizes in order to reverse a rotten red into a glorious green.

I was a whisker away from having a perfect day profit-wise but this feels even better because my patience and emotional state were severely tested and I came through with flying colours. I feel that I am now starting to strike the balance between being aggressive and being passive at the right times and it's all down to fine-tuning two key areas - staking and taking value prices. Believe it or not, they were two things I barely paid any attention to in the past but have now become core factors in my improvement during the past few weeks.

Again though, it's only been one good day and as I always say, I need to remain grounded. I can't deny that I'm starting to get excited again but we all know what happened last time I started getting giddy.................

Torres Howler: Reconstruction!


  1. Brilliant, what really impresses me it the consistent sizes of your reds, and your greens. Shows a lot of discipline, keep going, I need you to succeed and prove it can be done. By the way, has Kvitova spent all the time since Wimbledon in McDonalds, she looks as fit as me, disgracefully out of shape for a pro athlete, there may be an edge for you there, but it's hardly an edge when it is there for all to see.

  2. Cheers AG. Things are looking promising - I've had false dawns before though!

    Honestly didn't notice any extra weight on Kvitova, she's always been naturally 'top heavy' though, if that's what you were focusing on ;)

  3. Nope, she is admirably top heavy, she has a gut like my beer belly, cannot be fit, think it shows her mind is not on the job. A little bit lardy one might say.

  4. Ha ha! Well, she has just won Wimbledon aged 21. I reckon most of us would have had a few drinks and taken our foot off the gas in celebration!

  5. Theres always another match, and there will always be other opportunities... Its much better to miss out on a potential move than to get in too early. If you can control your reds by only getting involved when value is on your side, then value will look after you in the long term ;)

    Great blog Sultan, one of the best around.

  6. Cheers Mike. That's so true but it's something I have always struggled with, not being able to accept missing out on green. I still get frustrated too easily, especially under the pressure of having a small bank. Things are better than they once were though!

  7. Kvitova has always had a bit of a belly, but not a touch on mine! :)

    More early starts this week Sultan (oh lord I'm tired) but hopefully the greens will keep coming for ya!

  8. Yes, I'm knackered too and today, it very nearly finished me.......


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