Sunday, 23 October 2011

False Dawns

No one is more guilty than me of thinking that things are finally about to turn and that I might just have cracked this trading lark. I've done it on several occasions this year: January, May, August and again this month. But now, I feel that it really is more than just another false dawn. The other 3 times, I had a totally different strategy that I struggled to make work consistently. This time, I'm a lot happier with my whole approach.

When I made the switch from my old way of trading to the new one, I underestimated how long it would take me to fully adapt to the changes. A good start can give you false impressions and I was guilty of believing that one good week and a couple of outstanding days, meant that I had finally made it. Wishful thinking. A difficult period has followed and I discovered a few cracks that needed filling in. This week, things have started to click into place. I have moulded my new approach into something that I can now say has real potential.

I have a strategy that finally suits my personality and has considerable room for growth in terms of the profit I can make in future. The new approach is much easier to implement than my old one. As a result, the old focus and patience issues that have plagued me throughout my trading life have now vanished, as I don't require the same high levels of intensity and concentration. My other major issue has always been discipline, especially when redding-up. This is now just a minor issue because my new approach does not use the large liabilities that I used to risk. My largest loss was £50 this week and every other loss was under £40. This is the first week in a long time where I have felt really in control and that I'm progressing quickly. It's only one week but the hard work I've put in sorting out my frustration levels and moulding a new strategy, is now bearing financial fruit - and I badly needed it to.

Is it just another false dawn? Too early to say but my trading has undoubtedly stepped up another level.


  1. Brilliant stuff, you deserve these results! Are you laying more than backing now?

  2. I love reading your blog. Your very honest. Please can I exchange links with you? My blog is: Thank You.

  3. Hi Abu, thanks for your comments. I say the same to anyone who wants to exchange links - if I like your blog, I will add you! I don't want to have a big long list of blogs that I never read cluttering up the page, so I only add ones which have something interesting to say or are well written.

    Good luck with the blog, I will keep an eye on it ;)

  4. Cheers Sledge, I am laying more these days but now about 50-50 with backs.


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