Sunday, 30 October 2011

In Sultan I Trust

I've had a dreadful week. From Monday to Saturday, I just haven't been at the races. I probably needed a day or two off to refresh and relax but I was on a high from last week and there was no chance of that happening. I'm pleased to report that Sunday saw me back to my best and I finished the week with a good enough day to actually put me in profit for those 7 days. Which I'm quite astonished at really because almost every single game I've traded this week has fluorescent blue swiped across it, marking out the mistakes. There were even a load of notes in block capitals, which I only write when I'm seriously pissed off at my stupidity!

I'm glad that I didn't look at my P&L until after the final match again, as it made it a really nice surprise end to the week. What really pleased me most was the fact that despite 6 days riddled with daft errors, mostly due to lack of focus, I still managed to make some money. I've always maintained that if I can come out of a bad spell relatively unscathed, then I will become successful because I know I will make money in a good spell. But I really should have taken a day off on Tuesday, as soon as I realised I was struggling and it is something I won't hesitate to do in future.

Another pleasing aspect was that I have managed to sort out my strategy for the ATP. It worked beautifully in both finals on Sunday and I feel that I now have an approach for both men and women that I'm happy with and has great potential. With just a handful of WTA matches remaining this year, I will have to put all my energy into the ATP and so I'll know by the end of November just how much potential is there. I have no such worries about the WTA, which I've always been better at trading and I just wish it was January already so I could get stuck in and finally make some decent profit!

Overall, I feel I'm on the right track both psychologically and strategically. Until recently, I had often woken up in the morning and before I started trading I would think to myself 'I have no idea what I'm going to do today!'. I knew that anything could happen; from being in complete synch with the markets and winning every single trade to losing hundreds or putting my entire bank in jeopardy. I just didn't trust myself at all! Now, I honestly think that I can trust myself not to do anything that will wreck my bank. I haven't had a big loss in weeks (not since that Fernando Torres open-goal-miss game!) and have not put any sizeable chunk of my bank in danger since the Arsenal-Spurs derby at the start of October. In fact, I've not touched a football match since and my biggest tennis loss has been £50.

I think those matches really gave me a kick up the arse and forced me to do more and work harder at sorting out my mindset and a month on, I genuinely feel different; more in control. So my new goal for the forthcoming week is simply to remain focused - because I know if I am professional and at my sharpest, I trust that I will not be going backwards ever again.

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