Tuesday, 29 November 2011

December Blues

And so the tennis season crawls to a halt at the end of this week, with just the Davis Cup final between Spain and Argentina to come over the weekend. I've dreaded the arrival of December since I started tennis trading, partly because there are no games to trade but also because I don't trust myself not to get involved with the football. I did pretty well last year and was quite disciplined but I have my worries this time around. All those Premier League games around the Christmas period are going to look mighty tempting, even though I despise football trading. Most of it is just too much like gambling. My plan has always been to take December off and go travelling somewhere but obviously, holidays are out of the question until I'm actually successful.

Fortunately, I had a decent ATP Tour Finals week and have made major steps forward with my ATP trading. Although WTA will always remain my tour of choice for trading, I am very confident now that I can make money from the men's game too. I realised that last week, that all I need to do is apply the same basic approach (looking for value) but adjust the entry and exit points a little. I managed to do this well all week, in a tournament that produced far more opportunities than I would have ever expected before it began. Unfortunately, I managed to mess up my good work by dabbling in the doubles and experimenting with the set betting markets! This will not be happening again!

I'm now keeping fingers crossed that Little Mix win The X-Factor (yeah, I watch it and I'm not ashamed! Never treat it seriously, that's the way to enjoy these things), as this will leave me with a very satisfying profit going into 2012. The key to betting on these shows is not in watching the show alone but in immersing yourself in the analysis afterwards. I get far more info from the spin off Xtra Factor programme, Twitter and the Digital Spy forum and this is where you'll see (in my opinion) who the real favourites are. Little Mix are the ones who are consistently raved about, not Marcus Collins, who is the only other real contender at this stage. I could be wrong of course but the odds on Little Mix have halved since I got involved, making them the new faves. Vote Little Mix everyone!!!

Here's the beautiful Slovakian world number 18, Dominica Cibulkova:

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  1. The X-Factor?! Shocking admission Sultan! lol. I never watch, although I am partial to a bit of Big Bro! Guess we all have our guilty pleasures.


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