Monday, 28 November 2011

Strong Is Beautiful: Aravane Rezai

The Frenchwoman has slipped to number 113 in the world after a disastrous 2011. She was a top 20 player in 2010, with the year of her life so far. On her best days, she is the biggest hitter in the women's game, rivalling and capable of beating even Serena Williams. On a bad day, she can lose to absolutely anyone and did so time and time again this year.

To be fair, she has suffered from a tumultuous personal life. At the start of the year, her father and coach was banned from attending WTA events after attacking her boyfriend! It's no wonder her form took a nose-dive and she has been truly dire in most matches I've seen her in, barely able to keep the ball in the court for more than a few games. Let's hope 2012 is kinder to her, as she is a great player to watch when in full-flow.

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