Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Strong Is Beautiful: Caroline Wozniacki

Well, still no markets up for the Challenger Tour Finals which start tomorrow - cheers Betunfair! I can't understand what sort of idiot would not put up a market for a tournament that includes some top 100 players, that will be televised (and so have streams available) when there is no other tennis on at all! How is that good business sense? Even if there were only a handful of traders getting involved, Betunfair would only make money, what do they have to lose? In fact, they haven't even bothered to email me back to answer whether they will be adding the markets. Well, save for a customer service questionnaire! You can imagine what I wrote when I submitted that...........

If you've yet to read my interviews with Mark Iverson and TradeShark, scroll down the page and you'll find them.


  1. Sultan

    Just seen your interview with Mark Iverson- excellent piece and superb blog as usual.


  2. Thanks mate, got some more fascinating stuff to come!


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