Monday, 21 November 2011

Strong Is Beautiful: Kim Clijsters

Clijsters has slipped to 13 in the world with all her time out through injury. No one is sure what 2012 holds for the Belgian, as many feel she will retire next year, this time for good. Perhaps Olympic gold will keep her motivated enough to play more tournaments up to August because even when fit, she has been nothing more than part-time on the WTA tour since her spectacular return to the game.

Today sees Andy Murray up against David Ferrer in London. Can't see anything other than 2-0 to the miserable Scot but there is always the chance that he will make a signature slow start and even drop the first set - let's hope so, cos otherwise, extracting money from this match is gonna be very difficult.

Djokovic looks well priced at 1.46 in the evening match but don't be fooled - he's not been playing well for a few weeks now. His self-belief is so high that he can scrape through games when not playing well but against the very best, he is not likely to have that luxury. Berdych has been playing well lately and can win this, absolutely no doubt. The courts are probably not fast enough for the Czech and will favour the Serb but I will be watching before getting involved. Don't be surprised if Novak starts poorly, he has done so in a number of matches recently.

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