Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Strong Is Beautiful: Victoria Azarenka

World number 3 Victoria Azarenka is a real character on the tour. She's calmed down a lot from a couple of years ago, where she would regularly get into arguments with the crowd, umpires and generally rub people up the wrong way. She tends to channel her feistiness a bit better these days, though you can always rely on a bit of drama still, whether it be obviously tanking matches, fainting on-court or dropping out with yet another 'injury' accompanied by tears. I don't think she's this terrible match-fixer that others on certain forums will have you believe, I just think she is a real drama-queen who loves to be the centre of attention and doesn't always think before she acts. There is a lot of passion and determination about Vika and she's a potential world number one for next year.

Today's London matches seem to have immense value at first look. Both Federer and Tsonga seem rather low at around 1.5. Sure, I expect Federer to beat Nadal but 1.5? I said previously I think Nadal will not get near the final and his performance against Fish hasn't done anything to make me change my mind but I expect him to push close for at least one set.

Tsonga's price is a joke. Fish wasn't far off beating Nadal and outplayed him for large sections of that first match. Unless Fish has aggravated his hamstring again, I don't see how they aren't close to evens. Tsonga drops the first set regularly too, so a lay from the start is very tempting indeed..............

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