Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2011 Low-lights

I occasionally read back through my old posts to see how much I have progressed (or not, as the case may be) with my trading. This was the original reason that I started this blog, to record and to learn and hopefully improve. I thought I would pick out a few of those posts from earlier in the year, to end 2011 and to show some of you who will only be familiar with my recent interviews and articles, just what the blog was all about. I'm calling them my 2011 low-lights - when you read them, you'll see why 'highlights' is not really a relevant term..........

My first choice for my low-lights of the year comes from my very first week of blogging:

'How NOT to Trade'

The title says it all really! It's a classic example of chasing and letting emotions take control. Looking back at this makes me wince. But it also shows how I have progressed because back then, I knew I was taking prices that were poor value but carried on regardless - something I would never do now. I was still blinkered to the fact that my strategy wasn't workable long-term because I wasn't trading with any concept of value. I also was still far too slack regarding professionalism and would now never test out new ideas or stop to do other tasks at the risk of my bank. And of course, my anger issues have now been resolved!

Here's world number 14, Serbia's Jelena Jankovic:

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