Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Nope, this has nothing to do with tennis scoring. I'm talking about the all-consuming emotion of being in love. Don't go away! This does have some relevance to trading, I promise! Recently, I met a girl and we instantly hit it off. The fact she bears a passing resemblance to German world number 21 Julia Goerges (who regular readers will know I have a slight infatuation with!) certainly helped:

Putting that aside, she also has a great personality and I believe that I am now in love with her. She recently went on holiday for a couple of weeks. Before she went away, I noticed quite alarmingly that my focus dipped significantly whilst I was trading. The reason; I couldn't stop thinking about Julia, eeerrr, I mean Sophie. She was always on my mind (as the Elvis song goes), which is not a good thing when you are trying to concentrate on your entry and exit points. It begs the question; Is being in love bad for your trading?

Whilst she was away, I traded on the ATP finals in London and the Davis Cup Final, and was on-fire! It ended as the best few days of ATP trading I'd done all year. Sophie was 2000 miles away on an African resort. I thought about her much less because I knew I wouldn't be seeing her for a while. She has just returned and I'm looking forward to seeing her again. With no tennis for a few weeks, I won't be able to test my theory but I must admit, I am a tad worried that my mind will start wandering in January. I wrote extensively about a period this summer, where I struggled for weeks and weeks to get any sort of focus when trading. There were a variety of factors behind this (lack of passion for trading, complacency after a good spell, boredom, the need for a proper break) but it was a genuine problem that I just couldn't seem to shake off for longer than a day or two.

Things are different now and I'm much more passionate and motivated since I've changed my trading style but even so, I definitely struggled for a few days when I met Sophie. I now have 3 weeks till the new season starts, which is time for me to spend with Sophie. Hopefully, I'll either find out she has numerous personality flaws which will irritate me to the point where I fall out of love or I'll spend so much time with her that I no longer yearn for her company, therefore she won't clog up my mind during the day so much!

On a more serious note, an important part of trading does involve controlling your emotions and that includes even the good ones. We can become very confident, content and relaxed with our trading at times and those are things that I think you have to be wary of. They can lead to over-confidence, slackness and resting on your laurels rather than constantly striving to move forward and stay professional. I also read a post on the Geek's Toy Forum recently, where a young guy talked about how the feeling of a green screen reminded him "of the "pump" you get when you go the gym, or the sensation of ejaculating into a woman"! Sounds like a terrible thread but in fact raises some very interesting discussion about our emotions when we have an all red or green screen. How we feel when we are collecting those greens can indeed be pleasurable but those emotions can become almost too good.

So maybe it is a serious issue? Maybe being in love could seriously harm your trading? It's a distraction after all and concentration is everything when trading. I know that if I had the choice of being in love or being a successful trader, right now (as a single guy in no rush to meet anyone) I would choose the ladders. Money comes first at the moment. And who knows, if I become hugely successful, maybe I'll be able to take Julia Goerges out on a date! Imagine the trading possibilities if that were to happen.................


  1. Nice blog.

    And commitments/responsibilities can get in the way of trading successfully, that's certain. Very hard to get the right balance.

    Long term tennis trader, if you use msn and want an add then let me know.

  2. Cheers Ross. I don't use MSN but if you want to contact me via email, it's on my blog profile.


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