Thursday, 19 January 2012


One of the most pleasing aspects of my trading so far this year, has been that I am enjoying it again. I spent large periods of last year where I didn't enjoy trading - either I couldn't get focused, couldn't make money, was bored, anxious or simply pissed off because of all the horrendous errors I kept making. I found the whole thing too stressful for the most part, to be enjoyable. This year though, I feel different.

Much of that is because I have a new approach that not only suits me better but also is far less risky. That means that, although I now have to take far more losses on the chin, the reds never reach heart-stopping levels. Because I'm less stressed, I am making less errors and because I'm making less errors, I'm not getting as frustrated and because I'm not getting frustrated, I feel physically and mentally better. I don't fear situations anymore because my staking and money management is much stronger. And all of this means that I can actually watch the tennis without pacing the room with my heart threatening to leap out of my chest! I'm not just enjoying trading again, I'm enjoy tennis again.

I think what also helps is that I am far more accepting of my mistakes these days. Last year, my goal was always to not make any errors at all, so whenever I did (even the smaller errors) it would frustrate me to the point that I couldn't get over it until I'd somehow atoned. That would normally mean chasing. The perfectionist within me had too much of a stranglehold on my emotions. This year, I now expect that I will make mistakes pretty much on a daily basis and this means that when I do make errors, I deal with them a lot calmer and quicker. And because my risk is a lot less anyway, I am not getting myself into situations where I'm likely to implode.

I would say to any new traders, if you are not enjoying trading then you should either make some adjustments (either in the sport you are trading or the style/approach) or stop altogether. You will struggle to succeed at anything, especially something that is so solitary and requires so much patience, if you don't get some fun out of it.

So altogether, I'm happier than I've ever been with life as a trader. But of course, it all means nothing if I am not making any profit. That's something I'll write about very soon...............

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