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Aaron Jan 25, 2012 03:35 AM

You really are a fucking moron, quit trading for gods sake.

This is the message I woke up to today. Whilst I'd like to say it's the first time some idiot has left a comment like this, it unfortunately is not (although it's extremely rare). Writing a blog does have its downsides and one of them is that you have to put up with brain-dead neanderthals such as our friend Aaron. I do of course, have the option to shut off all comments but this is something I will never do because I enjoy the interaction with non-imbecilic traders. Besides, we all know that people like Aaron are always Angry Young Men who have lost probably thousands of pounds through gambling/trading and are just taking out their seething rage on the world. I almost feel sorry for him. Pity, is a better word. I've never met any successful trader who wasn't humble and polite or would feel the need to attack anyone trying to make their way in the trading world. Aaron is simply pitiful.

I could quite easily slip away and end the blog but I trade because I enjoy it and I write because I enjoy it. There is no ulterior motive at all here and that is why I've always been truthful and written exactly what I feel at the time. I could've lied a long time ago but how does that help me? Aaron seems to find this honesty a problem, though I'm not sure why!? If people don't like that, I would still continue to blog because this blog is above all else, written for ME. It has always been about helping MY trading and recording MY mistakes for MY benefit. If others enjoy it at the same time, that's just a bonus.

Anyway, I know many will say I should just ignore this ignoramus and normally, I would not give such comments the air-time but this particular verbal diarrhoea just made me laugh! I'm having one of my best ever trading months, so can hardly be upset about what this muppet has scrawled. But I want to have this comment saved and stored to use as inspiration. Any time I have a bad day, I will use Aaron's words as a motivator, to drive me onwards to do better. I don't normally require something like that (being already highly motivated) but I think it's good for all of us in life, to take anyone's negative words and use them for a positive. It's like the old football stories of managers sticking up the derogatory quotes taken from a newspaper, on the dressing room wall to fire up the team. Nothing will please me more than the day I shove those words right back up Aaron's angry rectum from whence they came.

So I no longer need anything to pick me up when I feel down or pissed off with my trading ineptitude (and Aaron, I don't need you to tell me when I've done something stupid, I already know as it's written on the blog by ME, you moron!) because I've got these 11 little words to inspire me - cheers, 'Aaron'!

OFF-COURT BEAUTY: World number 21, Daniela Hantuchova of Slovakia:


  1. Hi Sultan, you should just ignore this fool and everyone like him. I've been following your blog for a long time and your honesty is what stands your blog apart from most of the others. I appreciate it because you tell us about the bad times aswell as the good. Don't let this moron stop you doing what you do best.

    Like you say, draw inspiration from it and keep going. There will always be haters but these people likely have deep seated issues anyway! I'm sure I speak for the vast majority when I say keep up the good work - always a facsinating read.


    1. Cheers Mr Eko. It's easy for people to say 'ignore these idiots' but I'm sure most people in this situation would find it very hard not to respond in some manner. And as this is a forum for me to say what I want, I felt like venting!

      Rest assured, it will take a lot more than this jerk to stop me blogging ;)

  2. Sultan

    I know it's easy to say this because I don't have a blog and I don't know what it would be like to have nasty comments directed at me, but don't waste your breathe on people like this.

    Although I think most of us would find it hard to bite our tongue and you've got every right to show him up for the bell-end he is you should know that he is in the minority.

    I read your blog every day and you seem to be progressing so I really don't know what Aaron is moaning about.

    Keep on writing about your trading you have a real knack for it and it would be a shame if just a couple of dickheads spoilt it for the rest of us who enjoy your musings :)

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. I can't really work out what he's moaning about either! It's quite clear that I said I'm having a good month and just made 2 major errors, with 6 trades that would've turned a 4 figure profit if I'd not messed up. For me, that is a positive, so I can only laugh at Aaron's words!

      This is just one post out of almost 200 I've made, so don't worry, this will be the first and last time I do this. I won't even give any other retards the time of day.

  3. Sultan,

    I agree with Pete. Don't let the idiot who posted that get to you. I think you can rise above that, although use it as motivation if it helps.

    I also read your blog most days and find it insightful, interesting, honest and well written. I shall continue to read it in the future (please don't stop writing).

    1. Hi 500-5000, as I say, just fancied having a go back - no reason why I should just let him get away with it, is there?! Besides, I had nothing to write about today, so it filled a gap ;)

      Thanks for the compliments, had no intention of stopping though. I go when the bank goes and I don't intend that to be for a long while yet!

  4. Hi Sultan,

    Dont let the moron get to you, rise above. I read your blog most days and frankly dont always agree with some of your Betdaq crusading but whats refreshing is the honesty and the angst and the unwitting bits of humor.

    Hope the Aussie open was profitable for you and looking forward to reading about your journey.

    Best Wishes.


    1. Cheers Michael, much appreciated. And don't worry, I won't be 'Betdaq Crusading' again - well, not untill they get their act together anyway!

  5. I got load of these but didn't even give them the time of day. Pathetic little non entities who obviously couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks Chris. Good to know I'm not the only one who attracts these cretins. Will be ignoring from now on. I never was very thick-skinned but I'm becoming a bit more so now!

  7. Hi Tim,
    One of the hardest things to get used to about writing a blog is the fact that someone who you don't know, have never met and who knows relatively little about you can dislike you so much that they leave a nasty comment. We all get them. I have had a number of almost-stalkers whose comments ran into several pages. They take the time to type all that rubbish knowing that it won't get published. Sad really.
    Anyone who says it doesn't bother them especially during the early days of a blog is perhaps kidding themselves. You start a blog because you hope you have something worth reading and to hear that someone thinks your views are shite and you're the biggest tosser ever to tap on a keyboard is tough to read. Once you are an established blogger as you most certainly are it becomes much easier to see these dicks for what they are.
    Its also sad that someone who writes honestly about their experiences and feelings is seen as an easy target. It is seen as a weakness. In reality its a massive strength. To constantly find things to write about is a huge strain at times. My blog is different as I simply write about the upocoming games so my content is virtually handed to me on a plate with the occasional rant post thrown in for good measure.
    While you are getting something positive from your blog keep doing it. You enjoy it and clearly have a massive number of people visiting each day.
    There will always be knobs out there. Don't give them a voice and they soon get bored and move on to someone else blog :-)


    1. Cheers Paul, that means a lot. I think you are right, no one can really judge on your reaction untill they have had it happen to them. It's very hard not to react and take the so-called 'high road' when in reality, it's an unpleasant experience. Exposing one or two of them can't hurt in my opinion but as you say, it becomes easier to see them for what they are, which is worthless scum, to be ignored and laughed off. Which is exactly what I'll be doing from now on :) Internet + betting + losing = Angry Young Men! By the way, it's Sultan on here, no idea who this 'Tim' is you speak of! *cough*

  8. A semi-negative point. It is interesting that you have decided to go full time as a tennis trader without actually making anything like the amount of profit to suggest it was a viable option. Are you not worried that if it doesn't work out then you'll have little to fall back on?

    1. That's a long story Ross but basically, I was made redundant, so had the time and the money to give it a shot full-time. It was a big mistake in hindsight.

      That said, if I hadn't taken that opportunity to learn to trade every day, full time hours, I would have bombed out of this game years ago. It's allowed me to make far more mistakes than most people will ever get the opportunity to make and given me greater exposure to the markets than a part time trader will have in several years.

      I'd never have reached the stage I'm at now, (where I'm actually not too far away from cracking things), if I hadn't taken that risk and gone for it. Only time will tell whether it's been the right decision.


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