Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Roll-on February

I absolutely hate the second week of Grand Slam events. They are the quietest weeks of the tennis calendar, with the number of games barely reaching double figures. The last thing I need right now is for more time to dwell on the horrendous last 3 days I've had. I was on course for my best ever month of tennis trading but ruined that dream within 48 hours, first with an over-staked bet, based (wrongly) on an injury, that I refused to bail out of and then by upping my aggression and not trading out of my bets, which cost me hundreds of pounds with a losing run of 14 straight reds. Thankfully, Rafa Nadal ended that streak for me this afternoon. But I need games right now and they just aren't there!

I'd like to say a break will do me good but to be honest, my mind is perfectly clear and calm. In the past, I would have said a couple of days rest might be for the best but the last 3 days have actually just made me even more hungry to trade. I've said this many times before but there really is such a fine margin between success and failure. I worked out that the vast majority of my lost profit in January, can be attributed to just 6 matches. SIX!! Out of over 100!! Two of them had losses that were considerably larger than any of my standard reds. The other 4 were games where I not only ended up red but failed to take substantial opportunity to go all-green for a big sum. Those 6 matches, if they'd gone as they should have, would have more than doubled my current total, giving me my best ever tennis month to date. So even withstanding all the countless other errors I've made, I'd still be doing brilliantly if only I'd managed those 6 games properly. I don't know whether to laugh or cry!

Still, as January comes to a close, I'm very pleased in most other aspects of my trading. The days of chasing losses for days are GONE. The days of beating myself up (and beating anything within punching range up!) are consigned to history. The days of struggling to retain focus and fight against an approach that didn't suit me are dead and buried. I am still prone to the odd brainstorm but we are talking once every couple of weeks as opposed to once a day now! At the start of the month, I hoped that everything would finally click into place. It hasn't yet. There were still a few issues to iron out (such as still trading with my old approach sometimes) and some new questions arose (such as when to green up, if at all) but I think I've sorted it all out.

February promises to be very exciting. There's indoor, outdoor and clay-court tennis to come and times will be far more favourable to trade than those in January's Australian swing. Hopefully that will leave me a little sharper. My goal for February is simple - no more major fuck-ups. If I can eliminate them, I'm confident I can hit the 4 figure barrier. And if I can do that with the small stakes I'm on (still not into triple figures yet), it could be the start of a great year.

OFF-COURT BEAUTY: World number 15, Germany's Sabine Lisicki:


  1. You really are a fucking moron, quit trading for gods sake.

    1. Dear Aaron,

      It is twats like you that spur me on even more to succeed. Though I have to say, it's very rare for anyone to post something this pathetic in the year I've been blogging, I'm going to leave your post up as a bit of inspiration for me and also, I want everyone to see just what a wanker you are.

  2. Hi Sultan, i know i have written this before, but i really, really think you should be lowering the stakes. It seems you change horse every two days, as soon as something does not work. Like, you discover that you "would" be up 1200% if "only you did..." - but after only 2 days you are back to the old habits?
    Also, you write that gone are the days of chasing, but are they really, when you say you loose "hundreds of pounds" refusing to trade out of a possible injury - the difference is not big?
    Im writing this in the best meaning, but to me, it seems that you are going in circles, and you should consider that you might just not have the mind for trading?
    I hope this helps you.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Tytteboevs,

      I admit, the stakes were too high on that occassion but it was literally the 2nd or 3rd time I've used stakes that high this year - normally, I'm far lower. I just went too far on that game. A brainstorm, as I say.

      As for the 'losing hundreds', as I mentioned in a previous post, I was trying a new tactic of not trading out because my records showed this would have produced more profit. It didn't work for those 2 days, and I mentioned why I stopped in my previous post. It was not chasing, I just let the trades run as part of my strategy.

      I can assure you, I'm not going in circles. I've stuck to the same plan for the last couple of months, I only deviated for 2 days. As for not having the mind for trading, I admit, it's been a struggle but very few people have the mind for trading. It's something you have to work on. Some give up and others don't. I'm not a quitter, especially when I know I've improved a lot in the last 4 months.

      I'll continue until my bank is gone. When it goes, I will quit but it hasn't been close to going for months now.


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