Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sultan's Blog Review: Part 1

I've noticed as the New Year has begun, that a lot of new blogs have surfaced, as well as some resurfacing of old blogs. It's probably that typical New Year rejuvenation and optimism that is the cause. No doubt in a couple of months, half these blogs will end up on the scrap-heap or shoved to the back of the closet again! But whilst there is a feast of bloggage to peruse, I thought I'd do a little review of what is out there that has caught my eye.

I only tend to add blogs to my roll that I actually enjoy reading, so you'll find all of the following on the right hand side of this page. I'll start with the obvious ones; Green All Over and Mark Iverson. I'm sure you are already aware of these fine reads, so no need to delve too much into them. Mark rarely posts these days but it's worth reading his blog from the beginning if you are new to trading or looking for some inspiration. You'll discover someone's journey from early in their trading life (not at the beginning but certainly before Mark was raking it in) to going full-time.

As for Cassini, he is so prolific, you need to make sure you check his 'previous posts' because he does often post 2 or 3 times a day! I recently started reading the blog from the very start and although there isn't much new info I've picked up about trading, it has given me real inspiration and reinforced a few ideas. Just seeing that Cassini himself has made big errors and lost large amounts and reading him question himself when trading certain sports, is enough to make you feel better about your own struggles. But for newbies, there are loads of gems of info and it's as valuable a tool in your learning process as any forum or financial trading book.

TradeShark's blog is more of a daily selection of his potential trades but is interesting nonetheless, as it gives a good insight into how to trade tennis and you can learn a lot about the players as the write ups are very detailed and informative. Of course, this is just the way he trades, which may not be suitable for everyone, but still a good read for those learning the ropes. He's particularly astute when it comes to the ATP and although I disagree sometimes with his WTA picks, he has more balls than me because I will not be disclosing my selections any time soon! I would really love to see him blog about his trading in more depth, as there aren't really any decent tennis blogs which go into detail about the actual trading life. I'd certainly like to read about someone actually doing well and their thought processes, as opposed to just me banging on about losing! It's not easy to come up with stuff to write when you are doing well though, which is why Cassini's blog is all the more impressive.

Then you've also got Peter Webb's 'Bet Angel Blog' and Scott Ferguson's 'Sport is Made For Betting'. Both concentrate more on the industry of trading and betting and the sports involved, rather than any personal commentary. Peter's blog often has some very interesting polls to take part in, whilst Scott's blog is more about uncovering controversy and news within the establishments that run the sporting and gambling industries. Scott knows his stuff when it comes to tennis though, so yet another weapon to add to your armoury if you are learning those markets.

I don't really read the horse racing blogs, as I find them very samey and very boring for the most part (though I'm prepared for someone to put me right on that if they know of any good ones) but there are a couple that stand out from the crowd. The first is High Class Equine, a blog that has only recently come to my attention. It doesn't just ramble on about the 3.15 from Catterick or post up inordinate lists of racing results with £0.53 made per trade. If you go to the 'Categories' section on the right hand side, you will see a very handy compartmentalised section for all genres of blog posts. This makes it very easy to pick out what may be of interest (particularly if you are not into horses). I recommend checking out the 'Articles', 'Professional Gamblers', 'Advertise Your Blog For Free' and 'Gambling Psychology' sections. Really excellent articles from a writer who believes in the community spirit of the sports trading blogosphere.

The second horses blog has changed name recently (probably due to the unrealistic nature of the original title, which aimed to make £28K in 2011 - not the only blog to do this!) to 'Trading a Profit 2012'. The monthly P&L section mysteriously disappeared after a few good months at the start (hmmm, wonder why!) but he wouldn't be the first blogger to do this, so I'll let him off. It follows the journey of Caan Berry, a young trader still learning the ropes, who shares a lot of his thoughts on the mental side of trading. This is something I always find interesting and which many blogs don't deal with at all and Caan writes very well on this subject. My only gripe is that the spelling and grammar are often very poor and this distracts from the content, which is actually very well thought out. Not being pedantic, I just would enjoy the blog more if it wasn't such a challenge to decipher! Not hard to use spell check and stick a few commas in here and there. Will be interesting to see his progress this year.

Lots of football blogs to choose from and while most of them fall into the trap of P&L boredom or just regurgitating what we already know about the week's football, there are a couple that write really well about their trading. Lambretta on 'Thoughts of a Football Trader' Gundulf on 'Betfair Football Trading - the Highs and Lows' and BubblesBrian on 'A Gambler's Life For me?' (question mark added for 2012, I notice!) have all been blogging for a while. Though they revolve around football trading, they offer more than just picks, stats and P&L (none of which particularly interest me) by actually talking about their trading in a more generic manner, which means that whatever you trade, there is something you can relate to. None of these guys have 'made it' as long term big success stories yet (Lambretta might want to put me right on that!), which also makes them a nice compliment to the likes of Cassini. We all like to read about the struggles of our peers, if only to make ourselves feel as though we are not alone. Whilst this empathy is good, these blogs also really get involved with their comments and it's great to debate and bounce ideas amongst like-minded peers.

More tomorrow!


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  1. Hi The Sultan,

    Thanks for the kind words. Always enjoy your blog and helping to promote our blogging community.

    Kind regards,

    1. No worries Jason, we should all get involved in some way, I believe, and your blog is one of the best in doing that.

  2. Hey Dude, don't forget to include your own blog in the list of the "must reads". Humility is not a character trait I admire that much, so front up man, you are good at this, accept it, move on and keep doing it.

    1. Cheers AG but it's a character trait I do admire so think I'll stay away from reviewing myself ;)


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