Saturday, 4 February 2012

Happy Birthday!

As of today, Centre Court Trading is officially 1 year old. This was my first ever post from February 4th last year:


Reading back over that post really makes me cringe. I was feeling exuberant at the time, as though I'd discovered what the big secret was to trading and that it had been staring me in the face all-along. My talk of moving from 'boom and bust to profitability' and how the past year 'had been one of the most difficult challenges of my life', in particular make me feel rather foolish. The following period saw the exact same 'boom and bust' repeated for another 7 months and if I thought 2010 was difficult, it had nothing on 2011! As for 'the penny finally dropping', it may well have done as far as trading psychology was concerned (the theory if not the actual practice!) but that same penny still needed to be set in motion for just about every other aspect of trading - bank management, value spotting, discipline, professionalism etc.

I would say now, 12 months on, I am truly at the stage that this very first post describes. 'Boom and bust' has been gone for a few months now, replaced at first by a break-even period and I am now actually making small profit (over a relatively short period). The penny has definitely dropped in all major aspects of trading. And my first year of blogging can accurately be described as tumultuous, to say the least! But I am now ready to move to the next stage, which I hope will be the final stage - consistent profitability. Perhaps the biggest change over my year of blogging is that I no longer feel the pressure that I was under back then. Both financially and in terms of trying to look good on the blog, the pressure to do well really affected me at times and gave me way too much stress and anxiety.

February and March turned into absolute disasters in 2011. Believe it or not, my stakes were 5 times larger than what I use now! Astonishing when you think about it, though I do know of a lot of traders who went too big, too early and lowered stakes after a rough patch. It's no wonder I was so stressed and angry most of the time, having to manage those huge red figures. I'm a completely different trader now - much more realistic with my ambition and much calmer and more patient. Still not as patient as I could be though! It's going to be very interesting comparing where I was on the blog a year ago, each week. This was one of the reasons I began blogging, although I never would have guessed my progress would have been so slow - I thought I'd be another Mark Iverson by now!

I also never would have guessed I'd have almost 60,000 hits, which isn't too shabby for a first year in operation I guess! I just hope I'm still around in another year, only this time, with some decent profit to show for my troubles. Hope you'll keep following my journey - I've got a good feeling about year 2............

OFF-COURT BEAUTY: World number 21 Germany's Gorgeous Goerges:


  1. Congratulations! As I have said before, your blog is one of the best out there. Still way behind mine of course... :) Good Luck.

  2. Cheers Cassini! You'd better watch out, I'm coming for your crown ;)


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