Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trading Turn-Around Timeline

The following list shows how my trading has turned around since I started this blog. As you'll see, there is a direct correlation between my up-turn in form and the work I put into trading psychology:

Red = losing month by a significant amount

Green = winning month by a significant amount

Break Even = a winning or losing month by a relatively small amount, that could have gone either way


February - red

March - red

April - green (implemented proper money management)

May - green

June - break even (lost focus / got over-confident)

July - red

August - red

September - break even (started to change strategy)

October - break even (started to work on psychology)

November - break even

December - green


January - break even

February - green

March - green

April - green (so far!)

Coincidence? I think not! April is already on course to be my best ever month and things continue to improve on an almost weekly basis. Check out my 5 Psychology School Sessions if you want to know how I achieved this and for some info that could change your trading mind for the better.

Off-Court Beauty World Number 71, Johanna Larsson of Sweden:

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