Monday, 4 June 2012

Serena (C)Rap

Check out dis sick track from ma girl Serena Williams, yo:

Serena Williams - 'I Win' 

Wiv rhymes like dis, 'I Win' is da shiz:

"I cook the track up like a frozen pizza, beats so crazy it might blow your speakers"

"I make a lotta money but that ain't your business"

"On the court I serve em up, no subpoena"

OK, enough! I'm no rap connoisseur but it's pretty meaningless, cliched stuff, thrown over a lame, simplistic track. That said, I don't think she has done it with any serious intent on making a record - seems like just a bit of fun in a mate's studio, probably cooked up as quickly as that frozen pizza. And it's really not much worse than half the rubbish churned out commercially for the masses.

However, it says a lot in my eyes that the lyrics are all about money and bravado (though I suppose that also encompasses 90% of all rap music). Although I respect her achievements and what she's done for the game, she has on many occasions exhibited unsporting, overly-aggressive and spoilt behaviour both on and off court. There's no doubt at all that she perceives herself as the most important woman in tennis and that this entitles her to do as she pleases.  She's always the first to complain if she doesn't get the court she wants to be on or if the practise facilities aren't up to her standards. Should take a leaf out of Federer's book, a legend who only ever exhibits class and humility. Or maybe I'm just still upset that she ruined my Novak/Serena double! She bloody well should have been subpoenaed for throwing away a match from a set and 5-1 up in the tie-break!

Well, I've pretty much run out of new off-court beauties to add to my posts. Not a bad run though. I found over 6 months worth of hot tennis stars - I even surprised myself! Will be adding some of my favourites to each post from now on, starting with Dominica Cibulkova, who put up another feisty display to beat Victoria Azarenka at the French Open:

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