Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Sultan's Trading Plugathon

A few things to have a look at on the blogosphere that have caught my eye recently:

Mark Iverson has a new project up and running which might interest any football traders. His 'Soccer In-Play' mobile phone app can be downloaded for free and looks like a great tool for gathering info on football matches (such as graphs and historic data) quickly, in order to place bets or plan trading strategies. You can follow 'Soccer In-Play' on Twitter @soccerinplay and visit Mark's blog for more info and an explanatory video.

It's been a while since I mentioned The Geek's Toy on this blog. It has of course, now changed from a free trading application into a paid one, with the official name AGT Pro - though it'll always be known as The Toy for us long-term aficionados. If you are new to trading, I still recommend it as highly as I did when it was 100% free. Recently, The Geek made the owned licence available for a second time. I bought one back during the summer and at £120 for the lifetime of the product, is a real bargain when you consider what you'd pay for subscriptions to any of the other rival platforms (none of which are as good, in my opinion). You've got till October 31st to claim one before it reverts back to monthly and annual subscriptions.

I'm sure many of you will already have seen this but I'll give it a plug anyway. It's a free guide to tennis trading, which you can find on the Liability Trading blog. There's no catch, it's 100% free and I can tell you that it's one of the best guides I've ever seen. The way it's written and laid out is absolutely spot-on and is very concise in terms of conveying what you need in order to become a successful tennis trader. It does not delve into specific strategies and much of what is there will be obvious to anyone who has been trading for a while but if you want to know the basics of what it takes to trade tennis using low liability, you can't ask for much more for free.

I haven't really had a close look at the Matchbook betting exchange but any new exchange which might offer an alternative to Betunfair should at least be given a chance, in my opinion. Here's the blurb I received in my inbox recently:

Matchbook is a sports betting exchange designed for the professional and savvy sports bettors.
The bigger bets the better!

After many years of the market crying out for a Betfair alternative we believe that has arrived with
Matchbook's commission is 1% - lowest in the market. (Betfair's general commission is 5%).
This makes us very attractive for the high volume clients.

Matchbook is a market leader on Asian Handicap in football and US sports – 'better odds, lowest commission and great liquidity'.

Matchbook also has a VIP service:
One example is access to our VIP pool where the most active players via Skype, MSN or email are able to submit offers (place bets) of over $3-5000 into the pool. Our team of brokers find a counterparty for the bet and get it matched up. This service is quick, 100% confidential and has allowed our biggest clients to extract even more value from other sites. This service has matched millions of dollars for our high rolling Matchbook clients.

I found the site a tad confusing at first glance but maybe a second perusal with more time on my hands may uncover something worthwhile. Just thought I'd share anyway, as trust me, the desire to find an alternative exchange still burns deep within me!

I wrote a post about the Football Cliches blog recently and can only re-iterate how good this blog is. Most posts were made 5 years ago, so don't expect regular updates but it's one to be read from the beginning. I read a few posts a week and it never fails to make me laugh. For more info, check out my post here for my favourite blog post.

And finally, a really fascinating tennis blog I stumbled across recently named Footsoldiers of Tennis. What I like about it (apart from the fact it's provided useful info which has actually helped with my trading) is that it's very different to most tennis blogs. Here's why, from the author himself:

Foot Soldiers of Tennis is about, well… the Foot Soldiers of Tennis. Those who heroically fill the opening rounds of an ATP 250 while the top four seeds go around getting foot rubs while having their first round bye.

If you want a blog that focuses on Roger, Rafa, and friends, well we have our opinions on those – but there are plenty more out there. Most of them are better informed. We’ll also try and maintain a level of detachment – while we have our favourites there is a ban on too twee nicknames here.

We much prefer those days when the journeyman has his finest hour (this is pretty much a men’s tennis blog) – or we claim to have spotted a genuine talent on the Challenger Tour. When Ivan Dodig beats Rafael Nadal, we wake up with an extra step in our stride. As we do when Eric Prodon is top seed in a clay court Challenger.

A great read with interesting articles that I believe can help anyone attempting to become a tennis trader, learn some in-depth knowledge of the sport.

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