Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Betting Expert Interview

Just a quick post today to tell you about my first ever interview! Andrew Brocker from the brilliant free betting community website Betting Expert.com, asked me a few questions about tennis trading and I've rambled on a fair bit, so take a peek if you have half an hour to spare! Here's the link:

Betting Expert Blog Interview with The Sultan

Whilst I'm here I suppose a quick update won't go amiss. Things have continued so far in May, in a similar vein to the April results shown in my previous post (below), only now, I have finally reached a situation where things can build much more quickly. This will hopefully mean me reaching new levels of success and I'm very excited about the upcoming French Open, as I feel this could be a watershed tournament for me. I'm deliberately keeping this quite cryptic for now, so all I will end on is "watch this space"..................

Ana Ivanovic:


  1. Hi Sultan
    in the interview he wrote:
    ...The downside makes the risk-reward ratio very poor value. 15-40 is simply unworkable now - you will not get a big enough move on break point any more...

    Tradeshark argues that the strategies are working...
    Just need to cope with changes in the market.

    Where is the true?

  2. Hi Slofman
    In my opinion, 2-3 years ago, you would get more ticks with those strategies than you would today. I see Tradeshark's argument but even if he is correct, I still don't think they are strategies worth doing. Placing a trade based on one point going your way (as in 15-40) is never going to work long term because the market is too efficient. Unless you can pick value every time you enter at 15-40, you've got no chance of making it work and if you CAN spot value, there are far better points to enter in a match than on 15-40, so why would you do it there?

    Of course Tradeshark will argue it's still working, he sells those ideas! In my opinion, that is part of the problem - lots of people have bought those strategies, used them and now any value that might have been there, is gone. I would be absolutely AMAZED if any successful tennis trader admitted that they make their money with those strategies.

    I'm not saying it's impossible to profit from any strategy, I'm just saying that those particular strategies are not worth bothering with when there are much better ones around now. I should also add that yes, I did use those strategies when I started trading but I stopped using them, not because the markets changed but because I didn't like them and didn't think they were the strategies that were going to make me profitable long term.

    Tradeshark's guide is excellent, don't get me wrong, I just don't rate some of the strategies and have not used them for years. I didn't moan when the markets changed, (as anyone who reads this blog knows) when they did, I worked harder to find my own strategies and if I hadn't done so, I would still be struggling.


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