Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Best Ever Betfair Forum Thread

I haven't posted on or even looked at the Betfair forum for a number of years now but was very active on there around 5 years ago (before Betfair updated and ruined it). I recently found out that there is a search facility for old threads on there, something you couldn't do in the old days on the forum. Instead, you had to use a separate website to find old threads and that has been defunct for ages. Anyway, I was surprised to discover that threads from way back during the forum's hey-day, were still available via this search engine. So I took the liberty of dragging up one of the greatest in-play football threads of all time and lo and behold, it is still being bumped to the top of the forum 5 years after it was posted. This is the title, highly recommended you have a search for it:

What I love about this thread is that, unlike most "classic" Betfair threads, there is no arguing or childish name calling - the word "mug" barely even gets a mention. It is purely a thread which comments on and enjoys the hilarity of a most unusual football match. I am a prominent poster on the thread and can remember the match well, as it was full of many strange goings-on. It was a world cup qualifying game between two minor Caribbean nations. Haiti started as big favourites and dominated the entire match but just could not get the ball in the back of the net. It was comical defending but even more comical misses from the first minute to the last. Haiti spurned literally dozens of opportunities that your Grandma would've tucked away. As is the way in football, Suriname had two chances and scored them both! With just a minute or two remaining, Haiti finally scored and then equalised with an injury time penalty, which suitably for the game, was saved, rebounded out off the post and the follow-up smashed against the cross-bar before being netted at the third attempt!

The video stream of the match added to the banality, as it looked like a very poor, amateur, hand-held camera job. Overall, it gives a great flavour of what the Betfair forum was like on the late night football matches, which used to have a much greater sense of fun and camaraderie than the daytime ones, which often degenerated into slanging matches and were full of bravado. Maybe it was that most of the immature forumites had gone to bed or maybe it was because there was a sense of kinship amongst us die-hards still trading (chasing) into the small hours but whatever the reason, it brought out a better atmosphere and one I enjoyed being part of. Well, I needed something to take away some of the sting from all the losses I was accumulating!

At 17 pages, it's a long read but well worth persevering with as even if you weren't there at the time, it's still amusing and should bring a smile to the dial of anyone who ever spent time on the forum. I'm sure you'll be able to see yourself in many of the comments and it's interesting to see the mentality of people involved, from a betting perspective. There is a link to the game towards the end of the thread, so you can see (sort of!) the highlights, including a mini pitch invasion and hilariously OTT local commentary. Enjoy!

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