Thursday, 1 August 2013

July: The Results

I'm going to reveal something now that might surprise many of you. Back at the beginning of the year, I wrote about how I had traded for a betting syndicate in October 2012 and how I had a few offers from potential investors to do something along similar lines. There was much debate amongst the blogging world at the time, about the merits of what I was doing and not long after, there was even more talk about the negative side of entrusting someone else with your money, as the 'Betfair King' (aka Elliot Short), was found to be a fraudster. Very few people had a good thing to say about the pluses of such a deal but then, very few people will have experienced the pros of a successful mutual trading agreement. But I have. Twice.

Because of all the negativity, I decided to stay tight-lipped and not write about this subject any further but I can now reveal that the main reason that I am experiencing such great profit over the past few months, is because one person (who will remain un-named) decided to take a chance on me.  It wasn't a particularly large sum of money (in fact, it was the smallest amount that I'd initially discussed of all the offers I've had) but I always insisted that I didn't need a large amount; just something to kick-start me and enable me to reach a stage where I can compound on my own. I have now finally reached that stage. So my investor has made back all his money and several times that, in just a few short months. Had he not taken the plunge and trusted me, I would not be in the position that I'm now in and I am extremely grateful for that. So much so, that although I no longer require his investment, I want to reward him for giving me an opportunity where most others wouldn't (all the other potential investors I spoke to elected not to get involved and in fact, a couple of them disappeared without a word, mid-discussion, which I find extremely rude).

So I'll be continuing our partnership for a while longer yet and hopefully making both of us more money.  It's not gonna be for everyone but for every Elliot Short disaster (and let's face it, that was a one-off in terms of the sheer scale and incredulity), I'm sure there are plenty of smooth, success stories - you just don't get to hear about them. Which is why I wanted to write about it here on Centre Court Trading but also to put in writing my sincere thanks to my investor. It just goes to show you that there are good, trustworthy people out there and that taking calculated, well-researched risks can reward the brave.

July has broken my monthly profit record again, which shows that you don't need a Grand Slam to make money trading tennis (Wimbledon ended on July 6th but I made relatively little profit on those last few days). There were also no Masters 1000 or WTA Premier events all month, which proves what I've said for a long time: quality of sport has little or no effect on trading opportunities (as long as you know your stuff). The only difference is in the liquidity available, which has not been an issue for me personally.

We are now into the final third of the tennis season and that starts with the run up to the US Open. With matches taking place in the evening, European time, liquidity will be strong, as many part-time / casual traders are now able to give tennis a shot after their working day is over. I personally dislike this period as it plays havoc with my social life but it will at least mean I can experiment with some larger stakes and see if I can take my profit up to another level. I will also be keeping a close eye on the football when it starts. After a couple of successful months trading soccer recently, I want to see if I can continue it this season. Or maybe I'm just becoming more and more greedy the more money I make! It's not a quality I admire but in this game I've come to realise that there is no point holding back and being content when you never know what's around the corner. The words "hay", "sun" and "shine" have never been more pertinent.

Petra Cetkovska:


  1. Very goog results WD. What stakes did you use?


  2. Thanks Paulo. I use anywhere between £100 and £1000, it really depends on the situation, though usually it is towards the higher end of the scale.

  3. I was looking forward to your post, to see how you are doing! So what should I say. Your consistancy is excellent! Well done!

  4. Great result again Sultan, and glad to hear that using the investor's money has paid off.

    All the best,


  5. Hi Sultan,

    First time I've found your blog was during your 'Dark Ages'. Followed it for a month or so, but everything you were going thru at that time, was too much for my confidence and was destroying my will to become a tennis trader.

    I had a similar way as you did before - soccer trading, LTD,chasing, night hours of Chile football and early mornings with J-League :) and, as I could no longer trade my beloved game, being sick to the stomach with it, I turned my attention to the tennis. Found TS square (Tradeshark & The Sultan :)) and started. Had a go at Shark's method's , had some one2one's with him and when all started looking better and better (so I was thinking) your blog and not so good mood came my way.

    I remember my exact thoughts : 'Who am I to think it will be OK if someone who's a couple of years ahead of me in cracking tennis markets and reading players still struggles ? What is the point ?, it will be no good, I won't ever make it !! ' and so on . In a way it was your blog that led me to return to football trading - this time with tiny stakes and a lot of trading books.

    After nearly two years I came to a point where I was not loosing any money, profits were small and the loosing trades were not wiping out all the profits. Still was not treating it as a business and not happy with the game itself. Then I remembered about 'Centre Court Trading' and had a look, noticed that you were finally getting there and decided to give it a go again with tennis.

    Now I am back into tennis world again, this time with a different mindset and different short term goals.

    Anyway, I am writing for a few reasons.

    Firstly to thank you. Your honesty in writing this blog is a real inspiration, a true reflection of what's really going on inside the trader's mind. It's also a killer to 'get-rich-quick-dreams' and a guide of what should be done in order to rescue those dreams in the long run. In short it is a must read for everyone who is serious about his/hers trading. I am reading this blog from a start now, every post with comments, since the start of it and I have reserved a one hour of my time everyday to do so.

    Secondly, please, do not stop this blog. Even if every two weeks, but write about anything :) It is a real pleasure to read.

    Thirdly, I too, would want to invest in you :) If you ever will come up to the conclusion that you should write a novel, a thriller or romance story , then I am willing to put my own money and publish it in my country, as I am certain it will be a bestseller :) On a more serious note (although I am dead seroius about the previous :)) , you should think about the book, a guide to all those who are about to enter the world of trading. Not everyone is as stubborn as me to read through all your posts. And you do have a material for this book - just put it all together. Just remember, when you will be selling rights, that for Poland you already do have a publisher :)
    Sorry for my english, and good luck to you.
    All the best


  6. One more thing.
    When you finally will do that book for traders, you must take care of the visual side of that book too. Do not give it to anyone else :)You are made for this:)

    And finally , I do not know wheter I should wish you good luck with your traders life or encourage you to become a writer. I know you are doing OK now with your trades, but then again, writers are doing well too, think Jeffrey Archer, Ken Follett, maybe once they had to chose too, to write or to trade, they have chosen to write.......... :)

    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks very much for your comments, I really appreciate the kind words and am very pleased to know that I might have helped you in some way.

      Also great to hear you are reading through the blog, it is what I always hoped would happen, that a few people can learn from my experiences. I'm not sure about publishing anything but if do, I will certainly come to you first!

      Good look with your trading, don't give up, stay patient and you will get there.

      P.S. You English is fantastic, don't worry about that!


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