Thursday, 25 September 2014

Live Skype Trading Sessions

The trading documentaries I've recently been watching have really got me thinking about the possibilities of doing some live, one to one or group trading. When I began the Academy, I decided against this kind of training as I was worried about the impact it would have on my own personal trading. The added pressure to perform, negative affect on concentration plus the added work required to set it up and run it smoothly, meant that it wasn't really worth the risk as far as I was concerned. But as 2014 has been such a great year for me, I'm now in a position where I can take a bit more time off when I want to, rather than seriously trade every match that I can. I think it could be a fascinating new challenge and something to really get my teeth into for my final year of trading. So for the first time, I'm going to be offering the chance to see me trade live via Skype.

I'm going to be testing during the ATP World Tour Finals in London which run from November 9th - 16th. If all goes well during this week, I will then decide to go live in 2015 (wow, is it mid-decade already?!), most likely with one session per week. I've decided that as it is only a test period and I can't guarantee everything will run 100% perfectly, I am offering traders a FREE place in one of these sessions if you buy the Sultan Tennis Trading Guide. I will only be able to accept a small number of traders into these sessions and anyone who is currently an Academy member or who has already bought the guide, is also able to take up this offer. This is probably the same way I will operate in 2015 - by offering spaces to those who have my Trading Guide first. It will make it much easier for everyone in the session, if all traders have knowledge of  my own style of trading beforehand.

Sloane Stephens

I have not yet decided which matches during the Tour Finals I am going to be setting up for live trading. I won't know until the order of play is decided and last year, they often were not confirmed until the day before (I bought a ticket last year but didn't know who I was watching till the day before I attended). So if you are interested, let me know and I will put your name into a random draw for places (I figure that's the fairest way). I will contact anyone whose name is drawn and if they are not available for that session, I will then go to the next person drawn, till all spaces are filled. The draw will take place on November 8th and I will contact traders as soon as I know the order of play for each day. I will probably have to limit each person to one free session, depending on how much interest I get.

I hope to set it up so you can hear me talking through my thought processes as I trade (same as in the videos in my Trading Guide, which I've received great feedback about and really were the catalyst for me to set this up) and also so you can ask me questions via Skype. If all goes well, my plan is to do 6 months of Live Trading from January next year, with at least one session per week, before I bow out from trading altogether. As this is all completely new to me (plus, I'm not well versed on Skype) I'm not sure whether this is something I will take to and I only get into new ventures if I enjoy them. So nothing is 100% set in stone yet but certainly, I will be doing some sessions during the ATP Tour Finals. Just message me via the Contact Form if interested.

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