Monday, 10 November 2014

New Tennis Trading Videos

Yesterday was my second Sultan Skype Session and I took the liberty of once again recording the end of the most successful trade of the day. Not as big as last week's profit but still an excellent ROI for anyone who followed my actions in the market and a good day's profit overall.

In the interest of balance, I've also included a quick clip below of the Nishikori-Murray match, which ended a loss, albeit a very small one. The interesting thing about this trade was that a couple of the traders in the session actually made a good profit from it. That's because they decided to bail out earlier (some might say "bottled it"!!) for a win, whereas I decided to hang in there and go for a much bigger green. It didn't come off this time but if it had, you'd have been looking at a profit to match the one from my previous Sultan Skype Session. In the end, the extra risk I took meant I had to settle for a relatively small red as I tried to scratch the trade but overall, my "lucky" streak on these Skype Sessions continues, as they have produced some of my best days trading in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, that is likely to be the last session I do this year and possibly till February, though I may decide to do a session or two during the Australian Open if I feel I can sufficiently stay wide awake to be focused for a full session! Usually I'm fine by the time this slam starts as I've gotten used to the time difference for 2 weeks prior. However, I like to go to bed as early as possible and sometimes finish early if I've got good profit, something I can't do if I'm holding a full session. So I'm as yet unsure about doing any sessions during the Australian swing.

As the tennis draws into its final 2 weeks, my thoughts start to turn towards a welcome break, holidays, reflections of 2014 and plans for 2015. As it is almost certain to be my final year of tennis trading (final 6 months of tennis trading in fact) I have decided to make sure I continue blogging as much as I can. There will be updates on how I'm doing personally in my quest to hit the super premium charge. I also hope to have updates on my weekly Sultan Skype Sessions.

Federation Cup Final

ATP World Tour Finals

The great news about this season, is that it is the first one where there will actually be some tennis to trade in early December. So buying a guide in the off-season is no longer a pointless exercise, as you will be able to practice on the inaugural International Premier Tennis League up till December 13th before the new season begins on January 1st. There's still the rest of the ATP Finals this week, next weekend's Davis Cup Final (which promises some cracking best of 5 set matches involving Federer and Wawrinka against the French talent of Tsonga, Monfils, Simon or Gasquet) plus a full week of Challenger Tour events including the annual Challenger Tour Finals. I've kept my eye on the Challenger events lately and the liquidity for these lower tier tournaments has been excellent since the WTA and ATP main tours wound down. They are definitely worth a look now, something which I've not been able to say in the past, so effectively, we are getting an extra couple of weeks with a full programme of tennis to trade. So still plenty for us traders to get our teeth into.

Enjoy the ATP World Tour Finals this week and make sure you get down to watch it live if you can. Next year is almost certain to be the last year it's held in London and it might be the best chance you ever get to see the event if you live in the UK.

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